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Science and Rivers

The Secret Life of Rivers from S Solomon Leaping Frog Films on Vimeo. Take a journey through the unusual world that exists beneath a streambed. Called the hyporheic zone, this world of microscopic flora and fauna is vital to the health of rivers around the world. Find out why, and see the slime on streambed […]

New Len’s by Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar has a new lens that is a great lens to have in your gear bag.  Many of the best days of fishing are cloudy and rainy.  You are not going to want to be wearing your bright sunny day lens.  It’s important to have the right lens to the conditions that you […]

Zip Up and Stoneflies

Aaron Keefe sent in this photo of the Mangled Fly Zip-Up Hoodie getting the attention of a few Little Black Stones.  Thanks for sharing this pic Aaron.  This is a great time of year for this sweatshirt.  With morning temps usually a little chilly, nice to have a little extra layer.  One of the softest […]

Patagonia Fly Fish Instagram

Honored to contribute images to an amazing company that is fighting hard for our environment.  Thank you Patagonia Fly Fish for using my image.   Some GreatLakes steel from Jon Ray @mangledfly for your weekend inspiration, now go get some of your own! @keepemwetfishing @patagonia @patagoniaprovisions #flyfishing #keepemwet #fishneedwater #speycasting #swingingflies #steelhead A photo posted […]

Limay River

Had the opportunity to fish the Limay a few years ago and was one of the best trout rivers I’ve ever seen.  Chuck Hawkins continues to host trips to this amazing river in Argentina , if your looking to fish the Southern Hemisphere give him a call.  Todd Moen does what he does best, showcasing this […]

Fish the Truth Video

SA located in Midland, MI   Fish the Truth – Scientific Anglers Leader and Tippet from Scientific Anglers on Vimeo. For years, our leader and tippet materials were marketed as being something they weren’t. The diameters, breaking strengths, and performance just weren’t accurate—or up to par with our own rigorous standards. Our new leader and […]