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Northern Michigan Salmon Pursuit

With a mixture of Chinook and Coho here in Northern Michigan we have many opportunities as a surf or river fisherman.  A very short teaser clip from the past week.  As water temps where about perfect and the beach as a great place to be. Enjoy this video at Mangled Fly’s You-Tube page – http://www.youtube.com/mangledfly

Erik Rambo with Snap T Pictures

Thank you Erik Rambo from Snap T Pictures for taking the time and shooting a little short video of Ed McCoy and Russ Maddin in the dark.  This video will give you a small glimpse into what Ed and Russ both love, fishing after hours for the big boyz of the Manistee.  Nice job guys! […]

Start of my favorite fall colors

As the predominate southern wind turns into the northern wind, this initial change brings with it the  smell of fall.  Driving down the twisting turns of Northern Michigan or floating down a narrow trout stream.  You will start to see the sugar maples are turning already to the bright hues of red, orange, and yellow. […]

Upper Peninsula a long time coming.

It is pretty embarrassing for me to admit that having spent over 30 years in Michigan, this is only my second time to the “U.P.”.  Each and every time that I have crossed the bridge (Mackinaw) I have always traveled north, and only used the “U.P.” as a freeway to Canada.  But this summer with […]

Loving the hopper this year

Need I say more?  Foam body, deer hair body, I don’t care what kind of body as long as it’s a hopper body.  Hoppers are working on all  Michigan trout streams this year and I’m loving it!

Lost and Found Software

Had a interesting situation this week.  Step 1.  Take a bunch of pictures of a recent trip.  Step 2.  Wait a couple days as life gets busy and forget to download pictures right away.  Step 3.  Try to download pictures, and images are not on the CF (compact flash).  Step 4.  Panic!!!!  Step 5.  Find […]

Hex Hatch a test of your patience

Cold weather, multiple days of overcast and rain, and no bugs in sight will test the will of any die hard hex fisherman!  Well this years start to the season is testing the patience of all those that love the chase and enjoy watching the midnight sky.  As I talked about last year is it […]

Carp on the Flats

B&W of a Grand Traverse Bay Carp It’s that time of year again, time for the Golden Bones of Grand Traverse Bay.  Carp fishing on the flats is one of the most unique sight fishing adventures that a Michigan fisherman can experience.  While hundreds to thousands of carp can be seen in a days adventure, […]

Citrus Month – Sulphurs and Orioles

Seems like the month of May has a Citrus Flavor to it.  Orange is the theme with Baltimore Orioles and Sulphurs filling the rivers banks and shores.  Baltimore Orioles have made there migratory return and you can hear there calls along most of our northern michigan rivers.  Their tear drop shaped nests are not hard […]

Sulphur’s and Brown Trout

You almost have to feel sorry for the bright yellow red eyed size 16 Sulphur Dun, they are almost like bright neon signs on top of the water. That Michigan browns can’t help it and pick them off one by one as they float along.  May dry fly fishing is picking up and the Sulphur […]