Brown Trout Feeding Video

Here is a little lesson for you to learn.  You know those patterns that you fished last year that you put back in your box.  Make sure to check the hook closely.  As this trout taught us, after we hooked him, he made quick work of us and lost him,  because the hook did not make it.  This guide standby pattern had rusted out through the winter and was too weak to land a nice trout eating sulphurs.


Baltimore Oriole

One of favorite birds of the early summer has soon up, the Baltimore Oriole.  This means as I talked before in a previous blog  that sulphurs are going to hatch soon.  Mother nature has certain relationships and this over the years has proven true.  But until I see my first sulphur (guessing this weekend) I’ll just enjoy by bright orange friends.

baltimore oriole

Lamprey match the hatch

With the official start of lamprey season (chestnut lamprey),  the biggest match the hatch we have here in Michigan for our streamer program.  Not that there is really a season for lamprey, but I just happened to notice they the crawled out of the mud this week. Some people have told me trout don’t eat lamprey.  Okay.  If they don’t eat them, I’m fine with that, but they sure don’t like them.  Pictured below is a trout we caught this weekend on an imitation lamprey streamer pattern.  This trout had 11 different lamprey attached to him and out of anger destroyed my simple fur and feather pattern.

IMG_7066 IMG_7097


Picture of the day – Dragon fly I think?

Hard to tell what I was shooting yesterday as this creature started to unveil himself, but pretty sure I was shooting Mr. Dragonfly.  Just amazing to watch mother nature work, wish I would of had more time to watch the whole process.

Thank you Iyso – Pictures of the Day

Isonychia duns emerge late afternoon into late evening.  Wings are slate-gray in color, but the true give away for identification is the middle and hind legs are stark white, while the forelegs are dark in color.  But often the forelegs are raised in position when the insect rests.  This Isonychia gave me a couple minutes of his time and let me take a couple different shots.

Bugs in a Tub

Okay if you have fished with me, you understand that one of my strengths is not Latin terminology for aquatic insects.  I have a very simple approach to aquatic life.  Match the color and size.  But sometimes knowing a little bit more than they other guy, can give you an advantage.  Below is a video of a couple bugs in the tub.  Late May and early June the Manistee as both the Siphlonurus Nymph and Baetisca Nymph swimming around pretty regularly, in certain sections.  And yes I had to look those names up!

I have been using Ann Miller’s new Hatch Guide for Upper Midwest Streams.  I highly recommend this book, contact Ann at .  This is a great guide for on the stream and at the fly tying bench.  Thank you Ann.


Picture of the Day – 15″ brown on a dry fly

Ed McCoy and I ventured down the Manistee River yesterday throwing around one of the standard early season dry flies the Medium Brown Stone (video link) .  Ed and I drummed up some nice fish on the boon dog, and then setup and zapped some smaller fish eating Hendrickson spinners.  Here is a picture of Ed holding a nice 15″ brown that could not let the stimulator go by.  Used a 15mm Canon Fish Eye lens for this photo.  Some of the most overlooked dry fly fishing of the season is early May.  No crowds and plenty of chances at decent trout.

Picture of the Day – Hendrickson vs Drake

Watched the Hendrickson take down the Ed McCoy AP Drake  in a boat side wrestling match.  FYI if you like chasing trout with the dry fly, make sure to pick up some of Ed’s Drake pattern.  New pattern at Orvis.

Picture of the Day Feb 13th, 2012

Feb 13th Picture of the Day

An unidentified  clinging mayfly.  More than likely a cahill or sulphur.  Did a little macro work on a small creek near the house.  Just needed to get out and stretch the legs.  Click on picture to make it bigger.

look close you can see more tails