Thank you Iyso – Pictures of the Day

Isonychia duns emerge late afternoon into late evening.  Wings are slate-gray in color, but the true give away for identification is the middle and hind legs are stark white, while the forelegs are dark in color.  But often the forelegs are raised in position when the insect rests.  This Isonychia gave me a couple minutes of his time and let me take a couple different shots.

Mangled Fly Roberts Yellow Drake – Picture of the Day

photo by Kean Oh

Will always be one of my favorite shots, the mangled fly in the chompers of a nice fish.  Even though this Roberts Yellow Drake will never fish again, as this 19″ brown trout caught by Kean OH, was  disassembled in the battle.  Nothing better than holding a great fish caught on a great fly.  Nice job Kean!

Picture of the Day – First Topwater Smallmouth of the season

Love my smallmouth bass fishing.  Had a chance to get out and explore new water yesterday, and found bass looking up!  And as a FYI, going through the finally editing process for the upcoming Smallmouth DVD, should be done soon.

Picture of the Day, – Pumpkin Seed

The panfish family has always had a special place in my heart.  Most likely from the fact that they are the first fish I can really remember targeting as a pip squeak youngster sitting on an end of a dock.  Fishing for hours upon hours.  So when this time of year comes around, I always have to head out and throw around the poppers.  If you have not visited bream  I would highly recommend them for the best assortment of poppers and other flies for warm water fishing.




Picture of the Day – 15″ brown on a dry fly

Ed McCoy and I ventured down the Manistee River yesterday throwing around one of the standard early season dry flies the Medium Brown Stone (video link) .  Ed and I drummed up some nice fish on the boon dog, and then setup and zapped some smaller fish eating Hendrickson spinners.  Here is a picture of Ed holding a nice 15″ brown that could not let the stimulator go by.  Used a 15mm Canon Fish Eye lens for this photo.  Some of the most overlooked dry fly fishing of the season is early May.  No crowds and plenty of chances at decent trout.

POD – April 26th Streamers and Snow

Snow fell yesterday along with rain, on April 26th and even though I’m sick of the cold and want to move forward with the weather.  The trout were hungry to say the least.  Capt. Lance Keene picture  with his largest trout to date on a streamer.

Picture of the Day – Hendrickson vs Drake

Watched the Hendrickson take down the Ed McCoy AP Drake  in a boat side wrestling match.  FYI if you like chasing trout with the dry fly, make sure to pick up some of Ed’s Drake pattern.  New pattern at Orvis.

Picture of the Day – How many turtles?

By far the record has been set for the Manistee River in the category “How many Turtles on a Log” competition.  Dare to count?  Good Luck.  Click on the image to enlarge!

POD – March 14th

Took this photo the other day, and even though it’s not the best.  There is something about the release of a fish back to the water that will always make me try and capture that moment.  Pictured is Jason returning a spring-run steelhead back to the Manistee River.

14 inches of Heavy Snow

March 3rd brought us the biggest snow storm of the winter season.  14 inches of wet heavy snow.  While digging out the drive way the hard working men and women of Benzie  County came to clear the roads for safe travel.