Katmai Lodge Alaskan Rainbow Trout

Had the opportunity to spend a few days at Katmai Lodge with good friend and great guide Jeff Topp.  Spent a few days focused on rainbow trout.  Thank you Katmai Lodge for a true Alaskan Experience, thank you Jeff Topp for showing us a small piece of Alaska, and sharing a part of the world you truly love.

Will be sharing more about this adventure in the next few days.  Also have a dates for next year, if you would like to see this special place. Will share these dates and more trip information soon.


More Alaska – Dolly

Dave with a nice Dolly with guide Jeff Topp.  Been working on the highlight roll and came upon this photo.  This was one of our fly out days from Katmai Lodge, very special little river.  Thank you Jeff for sharing this with us.  Hope to have some sort of finalized video done in a month or so.  Will post a blog when it’s finished.

Picture was shot with my GoPro H2, it is actually a still shot from video that I took of this fish being held.  Amazing what you can do with “command, shift, 4” on a mac.