Indoor vs Outdoor Photography

South Bound Trucker on display

I find indoor photography much harder to do than outdoor photography.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s all the prep work.  Setting up the tripod, finding the correct amount of lighting, getting the proper backdrop, and de-terming the proper depth of field.  Most of my indoor photography is step-by-step fly patterns.  Like the Russ Maddin South Bound Trucker that is on display above.  Where I shoot most my outdoor photography  free hand, and the mistakes that I make outside I can blame on mother nature, moving boat, or unhappy fish.  Where I find I have less excuses with indoor.  When a photo goes bad it’s on me.  I’m also more critical of my indoor photography.  Are the colors coming out, did I capture what the fly tier was creating.  As I continue to build my studio and purchase additional products to help with backdrops and lighting, I know I will capture better images.  Until then, enjoy some of the patterns, and hope they help you catch more fish.  Additional patterns can be found at the Hawkins Outfitters Articles page.

New Michigan Trout Regulations

Russ Maddin enjoying open water on April 1st

When the news came out that new regulations from the State of Michigan were coming out in 2011, I was very supportive of the changes made to opening additional sections to help spread out the angling pressure.  On April 1st, 2011 from M-72 to Lake Michigan on the Manistee River will now remain open year round.  Providing anglers with the opportunity to fish these waters whenever the calling comes.
Yesterday when the day finally arrived.  First time since 1910 that the Manistee has been open in these sections.  Russ Maddin and I jumped in the boat with Erik Crissman from the DNRE and floated a section of water that just opened.  Russ as he usually does showed Erik and I how to do it, with a nice fully grown female brown trout. If you have not fished with Russ or tried to tie some of his innovative streamers, you owe it to yourself.  One of Russ’s signature patterns is the Mad Pup, check out at the Hawkins Outfitters page and tie some up.

For additional information about the new trout regulations go to the State website or pick up the new regulations when you buy your 2011 fishing license at your local fishing tackle locations.