Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD Trailer

After 2.5 years of blood, sweat, and tears (not really). The Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD trailer is finally finished. Not trying to paint the wrong picture, but an amazing amount of work actually has gone into this project. Want to first thank Erik Rambo for all is professional video and audio work. Also want to thank Kevin Feenstra for making this a very fun and enjoyable project.

“Enjoy the trailer!

To purchase a copy of the DVD Big Appetite: Small Mouth please visit my online shop.”



Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD Trailer from Mangled Fly Media on Vimeo.

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  1. Jerome
    Jerome says:

    Nice job on this video – you keep getting better at it. Good footage, background music mellow like the summer afternoon – good choice.

    • mangledfly
      mangledfly says:

      Thanks Jerome, all the video and audio credit goes to Erik Rambo on this one. All I had to do was make a couple casts and catch a couple bass. Glad you enjoyed it the finished DVD is going to be pretty cool.

  2. Aaron Keefe
    Aaron Keefe says:

    Very nice~ I love the time-lapse fly tying, great idea. I believe Eric used some time-lapse in Feenstra’s DVD, very effective. Looking forward to picking up a few copies as thank you gifts for buddies who host me on their rivers. Awesome work.

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