Manistee River Steelhead


Steelhead are the most sought-after gamefish in Northern Michigan, and they make their way into the rivers as early as late September. By the second week of October, the fall steelhead fishing becomes particularly strong. The Big Manistee River, in particular, undergoes a remarkable transformation during the months of October, November, and December, becoming one of the top Steelhead fishing rivers in the Midwest.

During this period, we particularly enjoy using streamers and egg patterns to target these impressive game fish. Steelhead remain available throughout the winter months, and they can be caught using swung flies and various float fishing techniques even during the cold weather.

As spring approaches, the number of fish increases, reaching its peak season in late February and March. Float fishing is a popular method during this time, as these migratory rainbows heavily feed on salmon fry eggs and stoneflies. The Manistee River is known as an outstanding steelhead river, offering opportunities to catch these incredible gamefish for six months of the year.

Mangled Fly guides also enjoy pursuing Steelhead in the Pere Marquette and Bestie River. Both rivers provide exceptional runs of Steelhead during the fall and spring seasons.

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