Alaska Packing List

Jeff likes to tell clients from Michigan to plan on the weather to be similar to fall steelhead fishing. Lots of layers. Be prepared for a cold boat ride!

1) Breathable waders (NO FELT ALLOWED IN ALASKA)

2) Waterproof wading jacket , bring 2 if you can ( Jon Ray personal fav – Gill Pro Tournament )

3) 2 base layer bottoms, synthetic or merino wool (check out our blog post about Cold Weather Layering)

4) 4 base layer tops, synthetic or merino wool

5) 1 pair fleece wading pants, 200 gram minimum. Can be ordinary fleece pants.  – ( Jon Ray wears Duckworth Powder Pant so warm)

6) 4 pairs of mid weight socks, 4 pairs of thin base layer socks. Both synthetic, wool, or wool blend

7) 2 fleece heavyweight zip t neck tops, or 2 wool and or fleece collared shirts

8) 2 wool sweaters, or 1 wool sweater and 1 fleece jacket

9) 1 hooded sweatshirt, or comparable warm shirt

10) 1 wool hat, or ski hat

11) 2 pairs of finger-less gloves, 1 wool and 1 fleece if possible

12) Travel attire for coming and going. A few t-shirts, a few long sleeve t- shirts. This part is more personal according to how you dress. Please know that we are always a casual place, no need to wear a tie to dinner here despite some of the meals.

13) 7 pairs of underwear and slippers (or something) to wear around the lodge that you can slip on, and maybe a pair of sweat pants or flannel pajamas.

14) Good Sunglasses, sunscreen and bug spray.

Fishing Rods for Silvers and Rainbow’s

Salmon – 9′ 8wt rod with a weight forward floating and/or a intermediate tip line.
As far as double handers go I like a 13′ 8wt. with floating and intermediate tips

Trout – 9′ 6wt or 7wt rods with a floating line is the go.

Anglers Alibi has rods and reels for anyone that doesn’t have or doesn’t want to travel with them.

Flies – The lodge has plenty of flies to go around. If folks want to tie their own Jeff can send them the style of flies with photos we fish so they can get tying.