Pere Marquette Fishing Report

Pere Marquette Fishing Report

Pere Marquette Fishing Report

Hello fishing friends! Here is the latest Pere Marquette Fishing Report. 

​ The Pere Marquette river is crazy low and clear. Floating it yesterday showed everything. We could see to the bottom of the deepest holes. Great for education but hard to get a bite. With the low clear conditions stealth mode is a must. We had to lengthen our leaders to double the normal length. Also going lighter on tippet seemed to help. The quiet approach to say the least.

Steelhead Fishing

The steelhead fishing was tough. Finding the fish in the darkest water we could find. Concentrating on the runs with the most lumber in them seemed to be key. Beads under floats with long leaders produced some nice opportunities. Also lures and streamers had some looks. The lures and streamers allowed us to get into the logs further and trick a couple of low water fish.

Brown Trout

The brown trout bite was good in the am. We moved some very nice trout on lures and streamers. The browns are wanting to be in the sticks. Every trout we moved came out of the deepest log jams. Minnow patterns in olive, yellow and pearl worked. All dull baits with little to no flash. The weather for sure had an impact on the bite. With the water being low and clear pray for clouds! The new weather pattern bringing some good rains should change the river conditions for the better. Some new sweet water should shuffle the fish and bring some fresh steelhead into the river. Now is a great time to get outside and enjoy some time on the water.


Take advantage of the mild start to the winter.

Tight lines Capt. Jeff

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