Northern Michigan Smallmouth Bass Fishing Guide

There is a wide range of gamefish species that thrive in warm water. Among these, smallmouth bass and northern pike stand out as noteworthy choices. Smallmouth bass are particularly favored by anglers, and Northern Michigan is known for its excellent smallmouth fishing. As early as April and lasting welling into October when the conditions are best with warm and clear water.

The smallmouth bass fishing near Traverse City, MI offers an incredible experience for anglers of all levels. The crystal-clear waters and exceptional visibility make it possible to witness these trophy bronzebacks in action. Whether it’s witnessing a 4-7 pound smallmouth striking from over 60 feet away or simply enjoying the beauty of the surroundings, the thrill never fades. So, if you’re a fishing enthusiast looking for an unforgettable adventure, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the smallmouth bass fishing near Traverse City. Plan your trip and get ready for an exhilarating experience on the water.

Mangled Fly guides enjoy chasing smallmouth bass both with fly rods and light spinning tackle. Due to the ultra-clear water, fly anglers should be at least at an intermediate level and have some knowledge of how to double haul. Longer casts are required, and fishing for smallmouth in northern Michigan is very similar to saltwater angling. Long casts and handling the wind are common occurrences. Mangled Fly guides always carry a conventional spinning gear set up or two if the wind becomes too challenging to handle.

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