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Mangled Fly Media was created to capture the natural beauty of fly fishing and the spectacular places where it takes place. Whether the beautiful colors of a Winter steelhead, or an eagle watchfully hunting its next meal, our goal is to capture the power and beauty of this exciting pursuit. Even our “grip and grin” shots aren’t what you’re used to seeing.

Now we’ve combined forces with Snap T Productions, a leader in innovative fly fishing videos. While video was always an element of Mangled Fly, this new partnership really takes it to a new level. We came together out of a shared passion for capturing something unique – whether on film or video. We hope you enjoy the site and come back often!

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AP Drake

View this post on Instagram AP Drake spinner has been fooling them the last few nights as Mahogany’s have been spinning at dusk. Make sure to have both the 14’s and 12’s as both sizes are present. #whitingfarms #mangledfly #bugsthatfisheat #scottflyrods #scientificanglers #hawkinsoutfitters A post shared by Jon Ray (@mangledfly) on Jun 8, 2019 at […]


Pike Eats Trout

I sort of feel bad for the little trout, but the footage is amazing so thank you little trout for sacrificing yourself for this video clip. Check out the link below. View this post on Instagram Saturdays Boatfair in Gothenburg will be the first time I show some clips from our new film project. I […]