Mousing for Trout

Match the Hatch with Ed McCoy

Ed McCoy Podcast

Since Jim Bashline wrote the Bible on night fishing in 1973: “Night Fishing for Trout”, our passion for stalking big Truttasaurus browns at night on big mayfly hatches like drakes, Hexes, Isonychia and big stoneflies has become an obsession! Add in the whole new mousing craze, you now have fly fishing in the night a state of art much different than just feeling the tug and hearing creepy things that go “ bump in the night” . With Infrared night vision head lamps, and glo- in- the dark lines and fly materials, we have perfected the passion to the next level. Our Night Stalker guest is a trained fisheries biologist and guide who rows in the night in search of sounds foretelling a big, night monster Truttasaurus brown on the hunt for flesh and blood- don’t miss this one!