Manistee River Steelhead Report

Manistee River Fishing Report

Manistee River Below Tippy Dam

The Manistee River below Tippy Dam fishing report for the last part of January. Manistee River is in great shape and with a mild winter we have had until now. No ice basically all year to deal with. But this week I’m sure that will change. Already yesterday we had to be a good samaritan and pull a vehicle and boat up the boat ramp. Make sure to bring a shovel and your own salt/sand mix. Also all boaters please drain your trailer before pulling up the ramp. Thank you.

Currently Water Levels have been in a pretty constant flow but this week we saw a drop. We are currently in the 1600 range. With hardly any color, definitely the lowest and clearest we have been this winter period.

Steelhead have spread out through the whole main river no section is fishing any better than the next. The outlook for next week looks much cooler than we have been seeing. Most of the upcoming week will be catching up on videos and getting the Spring Steelhead box organized and ready. Have been getting calls for spring dates all guides have openings so good time to get your spot , Contact us or give us a call 231-631-5701 .

Winter Steelhead Fishing

Manistee River Steelhead Report
Steelhead Weather Forecast

Winter Steelhead has finally come to the Manistee River. This type of forecast is what I’m more used to seeing. I’m sure it’s short lived and if the pattern we have been seeing persists we should get a nice week of weather after this snap. This week fishing stayed about the same, fish were spread out. Covering a lot of water was your best tactic , and downsizing the offering also played out the best.

While normally in the winter I like to give them a meal and draw attention with movement, this week was more downsize to smaller flies and beads and keep it on a drag free drift. As is the case in all fishing scenarios dialing in what they want can change. Being open to change is the key. Just because what worked last time doesn’t mean it will work this time.

Winter Steelhead should last a couple more weeks, then spring will be getting here. Even yesterday more and more birds are using the river banks, finding food and enjoying some of the first sun rays of the year. February will bring us longer days, more sun, and some key ingredients to progressing us towards spring Steelhead. Look for small pushes of fish as what I’ve seen the last couple trips. With more fresh fish in the mix, spring is on the way. I can feel it.

Booking a Trip

If you’re looking to book a Winter Steelhead or Trout Fishing Trip give us a call at (231-631-5701) or shoot us an email . The Manistee River below Tippy Dam is one of the best sections in Michigan for Winter Steelhead, we have a dates open. Also from what we saw last season December – February can be some of the best steelhead fishing of the year. Nothing beats the Fall Steelhead, but definitely don’t overlook winter. I would not wait to April to come steelhead fishing, as with low water and no snow pack have a feeling this could go quick.

Happy Spring Steelhead fishing

Jon Ray

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