Manistee River below Tippy Dam

Manistee River Fishing Report

Manistee River Below Tippy Dam

The Manistee River below Tippy Dam steelhead fishing report for the beginning of the year has the river sitting in pretty good shape. The Manistee River is now in winter mode. Water levels came up after a scary low flow this past weekend. We are running 1600 CFS this morning with typical winter color, Manistee River Green with water temps hovering between 34 degrees and headed to 33.

Manistee River fishing for steelhead water flow
Manistee River below Tippy Dam

Steelhead Fishing

Was good to get back on the water this week and good to see that steelhead fishing still remains strong. While we had really low flows this weekend, and low air temps in the single digits. This causing the river to have heavy slush and ice chunks making float fishing a challenge. Staying with the Indicator program gave us a some really nice steelhead that came egg patterns under the float.

With water dropping just above 1000cfs for some reason. We changed to a loafer style float in the slow/ low water seemed to make a difference. As with river water temps just were above freezing, lets say the bite wasn’t really aggressive. Soft bites are common, and down sizing your float can help you hook a few more fish per day.

Manistee River below Tippy has a great color and bright colored egg patterns were our best offering. With Pink, Chartreuse, and grapefruit all hooking fish. But will for sure have the jiggy patterns coming out on the next few trips. As a little movement in your presentation can be key as we move into the coldest water of the year.

Booking a Trip

If you’re looking to book a Winter Steelhead Fishing Trip give us a call at (231-631-5701) or shoot us an email . We are booking trips now for 2022, so get your prime Spring Steelhead trips booked. We will continue to update the Manistee River below Tippy Dam fishing report on a weekly basis, we have another cold front coming and hope to update our YouTube page. We are offer 1/2 trips in January and Febuary for steelhead, fishing during the prime bite windows of the colder days. Also check out the Pere Marquette page as Jeff Topp has started to venture that direction as well.

Tight Lines,

Jon Ray

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