Destination Travel

With over 30+ years of combined Destination Travel experience, the guides at Mangled Fly have decided to put together a few unforgettable fishing trips throughout the Great Lakes region, across North America, and around the globe (coming again soon).

Mangled Fly Destination Travel trips will tap into our vast connections within the fishing industry. We don’t just want to take you someplace, we want to hook you up with the best local guides and travel experiences! Our promise to you is to not offer a trip that one of us hasn’t personally experienced before.

We look forward to growing this part of our business and seeing you travel the world with us.

Jeff Topp has guided in Alaska for over 22 years and he knows the best of the best. Working with Anglers Alibi, we will feature one of the best Rainbow Trout experiences in Alaska. Learn more about our trip to Alaska for 2022