Baltimore Oriole

One of favorite birds of the early summer has soon up, the Baltimore Oriole.  This means as I talked before in a previous blog  that sulphurs are going to hatch soon.  Mother nature has certain relationships and this over the years has proven true.  But until I see my first sulphur (guessing this weekend) I’ll just enjoy by bright orange friends.

baltimore oriole

Goshawk Video

If you follow the site you know I enjoy taking pictures of birds of prey, this Goshawk video is amazing.  Imagine this bird chasing it’s prey down through the woods, thank goodness this bird has not grown any larger to chase down humans.


New lens needed! Golden Eagle

I have taken the first photograph  of a golden eagle, while the photo itself is not that good.  Based on the height of the bird in the sky, my 200 mm lens this is the best I can do.  Time to save money for a 600mm.  Going to take some time to save for that one.  But to prove I have seen a Golden Eagle here is my proof of life photo.

golden eagle

Picture of the Day – What could of been

So if I did not have two witnesses, again a story in the wild that, hardly anybody would of believed me.  So now I have a project.  Today I  had my first confirmed Golden Eagle sighting.  The picture below is an immature Bald Eagle that I had the camera ready for, but the Golden Eagle I had the camera in the case, and even after waiting for another chance, which I was not given.  I have no photo proof of my sighting.  So come back soon, as I hope to have the Golden photographed.

immature bald eagle

Common Merganser taking flight – Picture of the Day

As more and more migratory birds show up again, a common merganser here is one of our most frequently seen birds along the Manistee River.  Did see my first Michigan state bird yesterday, Mr. Robin.  Spring is here and so are steelhead and early streamer fishing for trout, still have some prime dates open.



Picture of the Day – Barred Owl along Manistee River

Had the pleasure of photographing for the first time a Barred Owl.  This will be something I don’t think I will ever forget, if you get the chance ask me the story.  It’s a whopper to say the least.  Makes no sense to type it out here, as nobody will believe me anyway.  But one of the more jaw dropping events I have ever seen, while trout fishing the upper Manistee.  Thank you Mrs. Barred Owl for sharing your morning with us.

Picture of the Day – How many turtles?

By far the record has been set for the Manistee River in the category “How many Turtles on a Log” competition.  Dare to count?  Good Luck.  Click on the image to enlarge!