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Fly Fishing Insider Guided Podcast

Scientific Anglers I am honored to be selected to be part of the Fly Fishing Insiders Guided Podcast series, this series features the Scientific Anglers Ambassador’s and Advisors . This being episode 15 in the series, the host of the show Greg Keenan and I decided to discuss Northern Michigan Smallmouth Bass. Smallmouth Bass Greg […]

Ice Dub Minnow

Tying Ice Dub Minnow Our latest upload to our YouTube Channel is a super simple baitfish pattern that we call the Ice Dub Minnow. A favorite pattern to fish below Tippy Dam, but also works great below Hodenpyle Dam and in the backwaters for smallmouth bass on Tippy Pond. Of course these are only a […]

Tying Brown Drakes

Brown Drake Video Series Excited to announce a new video series to our YouTube Channel, this past week we focused on tying Brown Drakes. The video series is a 4 part series walking you through the step by step process of tying Ed McCoy’s Boondoggle Spinner Pattern and McCoy’s All Day Dun . To make […]

Changing Floats based on Water Type

I can still remember the day when the light bulb turned on and I finally understood the need to change my float to match the water type I was fishing. Changing floats based on water type isn’t something you hear much about. Actually it’s a simple change that can make a big difference, especially in […]

Mangled Fly Guide Service is growing

Jeff Topp and Ed McCoy First let me start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year from Mangled Fly! Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to make an exciting new announcement. Mangled Fly would like to welcome two new members to the team! Allow me to introduce fellow guides and new team members; […]

Big Announcment

I have some very exciting news to share with you all! After 17 plus years of guiding for Chuck and Cherie Hawkins and Hawkins Outfitters, the time has come for me to venture out on my own. Mangled Fly will now be more than just a photo and video blog; it will be home to […]

Pic of the Day – New Steelhead Swing Colors

View this post on Instagram As trout anglers we get obsessed with matching the hatch. As a steelhead angler not sure that strategy works all the time. Not sure what this fly imitates but as a mangledfly it’s beautiful to me. A post shared by Jon Ray (@mangledfly) on Nov 2, 2019 at 3:33am PDT […]