Mangled Fly Media has put together a list of Holiday Goodies.  Gifts and Treats that you should add to your Holiday Wish List.  Whenever possible and convenient please shop local.  If you have any questions about any of these gifts please feel free to contact us for additional information.

Happy Holidays from Mangled Fly

Stocking Stuffers

Yeti Rambler 10oz Low Ball

Rambler 10 oz Lowball to be your all-day drinking buddy, from your first cup of joe to your last nightcap. Along the way, the double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold far longer than standard mugs or cocktail glasses. And unlike your favorite bourbon glass, this lowball will never shatter on impact or leave a ring on your coffee table thanks to its 18/8 stainless steel construction and No Sweat™ Design. Taking your beverage to go?

Check out the time lapse video blog post , where an 1 ice cube lasted 6 hours.

Leatherman Skeletool

Much like my Jetboil I never leave home without my trusty Multitool. There are lots to choose from but this is my favorite. At a mere five ounces, the Leatherman Skeletool has a stainless steel combo blade, pliers, phillips and slotted screw driver, removable pocket clip and carabiner/bottle opener. The Skeletool is just what you need in one good lookin’ package.

HotHands Hand Warmers

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.53.53 PM

A true guide secret for winter time fishing.  HotHands, the leader in air-activated warmers, has been warming hands, feet, and bodies for over 20 years.  It’s a brand trusted all over the world by professional outdoors men and women.

Usually 1 2-pack of HotHands will last all day.  Simple open the the outer package, place the warmer in a pocket or mitten, wait about 15-30 minutes and your good to go.  If heat decreases, expose the warmer to air and simply shake.

Populace Coffee

What can I say I love COFFEE, and not just any coffee but GOOD coffee. I think this may be a product of me spending too much time the past 5 years in California and Washington. I always brought home a few pounds of lets call it micro roast coffee. I am happy to say we now have some Great Michigan micro roast coffees. Check out Populace coffee located in Bay City, Mi. they have a wide variety of different coffees to suite different taste whether you like single origin or blends give them a try. My current favorite is the clutch espresso. They also have a convenient subscription service where they will ship you your favorite or different coffee every week, other week or monthly.

Compass Box Whisky

Compass Box

  • The Compass Box Whisky Company was started in 2000 by American ex pat John Glaser, after leaving one of the worlds largest whisky companies to follow his dream of making blended malt whiskies.  He wanted to change the way Scotch whisky was viewed and to make it more relevant to a younger generation of whisky drinker.  What he ended up doing revolutionized the spirits world.  John buys whiskies from other producers, some are single malts and some are blends, he then blends his own spirit.  A revolution came about because he also ages them additionally, using new techniques in cooperage that were proclaimed “Illegal” by the Scotch Whisky Association(SWA).  This whiskey was and is the Spice Tree.  John “agreed to disagree” with the SWA, changed what they did not like and re-launched in 2009.
  • The whiskies in the Spice Tree come from the Northern Highlands and have a secondary maturation in barrels for up to 2 years that have heavily toasted heads of French Oak.  This makes a great after dinner dram, with creamy desserts, especially triple cream cheeses.
  • The Peat Monster is, as you could guess, is a heavy and smoky whisky with big hints of the sea, utilizing whiskies from the Scottish island of Islay with a smaller amount from the Highlands to mellow it a bit.  It is matured in refilled American oak.  This is the perfect fireside beverage with some blue cheese.  It would also be great with some raw oysters, which may sound strange but trust me on this!
  • Check out The Beverage Company in TC – to gift a bottle of two.

Mangled Fly Hats and Beanies

Mangled fly caps

Kryptek Typhon Trucker Hat winter beanie mangled fly cap

An assortment of Mangled Fly Hats and Beanies make for great gifts

Gifts for Under the Tree

Patagonia Down Sweater Hoody

One thing I truly dislike is being cold, after years of freezing I finally found warmth. I ware my Down Sweater Hoody  just about everywhere, from the ski hills, to the rivers to the backcountry my trusty jacket is never far away in the winter. I have tried other Jackets including the Nano puff and Das Parka and for me the Down Sweater is perfect.

Jetboil MiniMo Cooking System

The Jetboil Minimo Cookies System. I never leave home without mine. Whether I am walking in to a little stream in the U.P. or hiking the North Country Trail. I use it for just about everying, boiling water for coffee on the river or heating up soup, chill I have even making fajitas and jambalaya. Its small (under a pound) and boils water Fast (around 2 minutes) and works in the rain and the cold.

Double Chrome DVD Bundle


Double Chrome DVD Bundle

Purchase both Great DVD’s for a perfect Holiday Gift

Searching for Steelhead takes you through the ins and outs of swinging flies for steelhead. The information is detailed and basic enough that it can be applied by those new to steelhead fishing. It contains many tips and tricks that the avid angler will appreciate. Equipment, positioning, reading the water, and much more are covered. Kevin Feenstra takes you through several of his favorite fly patterns, explaining how to tie and why they work.

Striking Steel picks up where Searching for Steelhead left off. It includes fly patterns and footage of the food sources they represent. Striking Steel is designed to give great information on where and how to find steelhead in poor fishing conditions.

Both films were produced and edited by Erik Rambo, of Snap T Productions.

Watch the Searching for Steelhead video trailer on YouTube:  

Watch the Striking Steel video trailer on YouTube: 

New Fly Line – SA Sonar Cold

After a season of throwing different lines around, one that stood out the most.  Is the new Sonar Sink 25 Cold.  The SONAR Sink 25. Designed with a short 25′ fast-sinking head, the Sink 25 sinking fly line gets flies deep extremely quickly.  The Sonar Sink 25 comes in different grain weights from 150-450.  Not only do I see this line as a difference maker when it comes to streamer fishing.  But so does Russ Maddin.  Here is what he has to say:

I have been extremely happy with the new sinking line from Scientific Anglers. The new SA sonar sink 25 cold has really made a difference not only in my personal fishing but for many of my customers as well.  Heading into this late season streamer fishing with colder temperatures on the horizon I strongly recommend this line. I have personally been using this line when steamer fishing for Steelhead and Browns the past few weeks and have noticed a a real difference in performance.  Love the thicker running line for ease of handling in colder temps and super slick coating makes “robot style” casting a breeze. In a nutshell can’t say enough good  about this line what I am noticing is less time untangling and more time in the water. Stay tight my friends!


Can Blau Mas de Can Blau

This is another big red wine from Spain.  The grapes are 35% Cariñena, 35% Syrah and 30% Garnacha.  The alcohol is 15%.  The vines are planted on different types of soils.  Slate/llicorella for the Garnacha, the Cariñena vineyards grow on clay soils and the Syrah vineyards are located on limestone soils.  A very limited production of this exclusive wine is obtained after 18 months of maturing in French oak barrels.  The vines average 25-40 years and the Garnacha is grown at an altitude of 2000 feet.

Lots of spice and dark fruits.  Served best with grilled/roasted meats, stews and salty cheeses.

This wine will also be featured at Burritt’s Market in a tasting on December 11, 2012 from 5pm-7pm.

Korkers Devils Canyon Boot

An incredibly lightweight fishing wading boot, fits like a glove and delivers athletic and agile performance.

OmniTrax® Interchangeable Sole System adapts your traction to any fishing condition. Two outsoles included with every purchase.

M2 Boa® lacing system quick on/off and custom fit.

Hydrophobic materials faster dry times lessen the 
chance of spreading invasive species.

Durability enhanced midsole, rubberized anti-abrasion synthetic material, reduced seams, recessed triple-stitched uppers and molded toe cap.

Drainage integrated, large drainage ports and internal drainage channels reduce water weight.

Comfort unique stretch upper cuff provides athletic, glove-like fit.

Strip-Set by George Daniel

One of the Best New Books of 2015 is George Daniels Strip-Set, making this a perfect gift for any angler.  Features 450 detailed photos and illustrations (include a few from Jon Ray) .  Step-by-Step photo’s to help you master casting and presentation.  Sections on reading the water, trout behavior, equipment, casting, and night fishing.

Not only is this a great book for any trout streamer angler but also can teach you tactics and secrets to catch any predatory fish.

Costa Sunglasses

Costa Sunglasses

Easily one of the top 5 things that separate anglers is good quality sunglasses.  Being able to see fish, cast around structure, and being comfortable with your eyewear.  Is a huge competitive advantage.  Costa Del Mar is the leader in polarized sunglasses.  I could not do my job with out my Costa’s.  Treat yourself to a new pair or 580 G, you will be amazed by the quality and the difference they make on the water.

You Have Been Really Good

F-stop gear Tilopa BC camera pack

Need a pack to carry your Canon 5ds and all of your lenses in on a 5 mile hike, no problem. Want a pack that can also carry enough for a night in the woods or down your favorite river, no problem. Check out the Tilopa BC by F-stop Gear. Made to withstand the rigors of back country filming and still be comfortable and fit every thing you need and more. available in Malibu blue and black and customizable with different size internal camera units known as ICU’s you can choose the size that fits the kit you need to bring for the day or week. After years of searching for the perfect camera pack I finally found mine.

Tilopa BC with Large ICU

Aquaz Waders with Bogs Boots

Keep your feet Warmer!

Dryzip offers easy access using a YKK® 100% waterproof zipper. This wader is an updated version for 2014/2015, more comfortable version of the waterproof zipper wader first developed by AQUAZ™ over 10 years ago. The Dryzip features 2 water-tight front chest pockets and 2 side hand warmer pockets with 4mm high density neoprene stocking feet. The legs have 5 layer fabric of AQUALEX® Duratek™ to make the wader stronger and more durable while upper body has light and durable 4 layer of AQUALEX® Megaflow™.


  • Highest quality YKK® waterproof zipper & 5 layer heavy duty fabric wrap on lower legs
  • New Fleece lined hand warmer pockets with YKK® waterproof zippers
  • New Anatomical shaped lower legs with seam on outer legs to eliminate seam wear
  • Elastic waist belt with 1 1/2″ buckle
  • 2 Water-tight chest pockets with YKK® zippers
  • Anatomical 4mm high density neoprene stocking feet, neoprene rubber made in Korea
  • Gravel guards
  • Repair kit

Fabric : Five-layer Aqualex® Aquatek

The Northern Angler in TC has Aquaz Waders in stock and will help you get the size you need, contact Brian or Evan.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 4.44.37 AM

Scott Radian 1308/4

Scott Radian 1308/4

If you have always wanted to look good as a spey caster, the Scott Radian 1308/4 is for you.    It is an extremely powerful, beautiful fishing tool that casts heavy lines and flies like a bullet.     It throws a great line regardless of your casting style.    I have guided many clients with this rod that ranged from beginner to expert.    Without exception, they have all commented “I want one”.

A lot of times, a premium rod comes along and I question whether it is worthy of the price that it commands.   Many premium rods I might think twice about buying if I was not a guide.     In the case of this rod, I would buy it.   It is that good!

Sony Cybershot RX1R2 Digital Camera

Lets just say you were really good this year and santa hit the lotto and you want a light weight camera to travel with but don’t want to compromise on quality. Well the Sony Cyber Shot RX1R2 is the camera for you. It has a built in fixed 35mm f2 Zeiss Lens and the same amazing backlit 42mp sensor that is found on the Sony A7R2 ……. yes I said 42mp. While you are at it you may as well ask Santa for a new computer because you will need it to edit these images.