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Protect Michigan Waters

This week on the Big Manistee was surprised to find the USFS crew with a power washer at the High Bridge boat ramp, handing out information about AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species).  Through a cooperative effort of the USFS, Manistee County, and local watershed groups; they are providing education and suppression efforts for the AIS.  Suppression efforts include this specially designed heated power washer for decontaminating boats and trailers.

Stop AIS

USFS spraying down the “tiny dancer”

Here is the pamphlet that the USFS was handing out, have scanned it into a PDF.  (save_MI_water ) Please view it over if you are a boater.  With all the water here in MI, it is important to wash boats and trailers if you visit different waters.  Wanted to thank the USFS for there willingness to help stop the spread of AIS, and getting out on the Big Manistee.  Thank you!