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13 mins of WOW

Alaska Nutrient Cycle

Closing the loop in nature – this video highlights the chum salmon, from salt to spawn to how they become one of the most important food and nutrient sources for nearly every living organism in and around these waters. Absolutely terrific video.

Alaska The Nutrient Cycle from Paul Klaver on Vimeo.

Alaskan Favorite – Picture of the Day

Have about 25 favorites from the close to 1000 pictures I took over the week in AK.  Here is one of them, other than the mangled fly in a fishes mouth.  Capturing the flight, or aerial display of a jumping fish.  In this case a silver salmon, is one of my passions with the camera.  It is not easy to say the least, but now with all the practice I hope to be ready for fall steelhead.  The real reason why I bought a Canon 7D, give me speed to capture these types of photos.  Hope you enjoy.

Alaskan Adventure – more to come soon

Just getting back to MI, after spending the past week with Jeff Topp at Katmai Lodge in Alaska.  We had an amazing week of fishing, silvers, rainbows, dolly’s, chum, and pink salmon counting for the majority of our catch.  I have over a 1000 pictures, hours of video, and am hoping to put something special together in the coming weeks.  If you have not fished Alaska yet, or your looking for a new experience you owe it to yourself to fish with Mike Maher and Jeff Topp at the Katmai Lodge.