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Puff Junkie

Been a Puff Junkie (somebody that wears Puff / Down everyday during the fall-spring season), having layers of Puff for my upper and lower body.  I have an addiction to these types of insulation and thus buy a few new layers of puff every year.

Even though Patagonia has the best return policy in the industry for their clothing, I still have clothing that has worn out it’s welcome.  I wanted to recycle a few.  Europe has a very cool recycling program for down (video below), that Patagonia is already using.  I couldn’t find a similar program so far here in the USA.  But Patagonia would take my old layers and make sure they are recycled, if I simply mailed them to Patagonia.  If you are a Puff Junkie address to Patagonia below, to recycle your garments.

How to Recycle Patagonia Garments

Patagonia products for recycling, and the process is easy. While they encourage you to find a new home for any garments or items that are still useable, any Patagonia product that has reached the end of its useful life may be sent back to them to be recycled or repurposed. Simply wash the items first and use one of the following collection methods:

1. Mail them to the Patagonia Service Center at

Patagonia Service Center
8550 White Fir Street
Reno, NV 89523-8939

2. Drop them off at the Patagonia Retail Store nearest you or at a participating Patagonia dealer – ideally, while you’re running other errands, to reduce environmental impact.

Please note: Recycling your old clothes is voluntary. If you choose to recycle, you’ll gain the satisfaction of knowing that your old Patagonia clothing will not end up in a landfill or an incinerator.