POD – April 26th Streamers and Snow

Snow fell yesterday along with rain, on April 26th and even though I’m sick of the cold and want to move forward with the weather.  The trout were hungry to say the least.  Capt. Lance Keene picture  with his largest trout to date on a streamer.

Picture of the Day – Hendrickson vs Drake

Watched the Hendrickson take down the Ed McCoy AP Drake  in a boat side wrestling match.  FYI if you like chasing trout with the dry fly, make sure to pick up some of Ed’s Drake pattern.  New pattern at Orvis.

Picture of the Day – How many turtles?

By far the record has been set for the Manistee River in the category “How many Turtles on a Log” competition.  Dare to count?  Good Luck.  Click on the image to enlarge!

Patagonia Gear

I own the back pack and want the saltwater shell.  Patagonia has some of the best gear for the environment I like to trek around in.  Check out the video.

POD – Hoydenpyle Trout

Picture of the Day – Hoydenpyle Trout

One thing about fishing the Hoydenpyle is that you need to come to that section with a full cup of belief and a whole bunch of desire.  Stripping streamers on a bright sunny blue bird day will test all that desire in this section.  Trout below came in the bottom of the 9th with two outs.

Let trout season begin – Picture of the Day

POD was actually taken Monday with a last minute cancellation, I personally had a chance to venture out and throw some fur and feathers around.  Great to throw overhead again, and get back into the game.  With my spring steelhead season officially over for the year, time to focus on other species, hatches, and inland lake mysteries.