Black and White – Picture of the Night (Day)

With the water giving us a slight reflection, a brown trout is being released back into the wild.

Picture of the day – Dragon fly I think?

Hard to tell what I was shooting yesterday as this creature started to unveil himself, but pretty sure I was shooting Mr. Dragonfly.  Just amazing to watch mother nature work, wish I would of had more time to watch the whole process.

Thank you Iyso – Pictures of the Day

Isonychia duns emerge late afternoon into late evening.  Wings are slate-gray in color, but the true give away for identification is the middle and hind legs are stark white, while the forelegs are dark in color.  But often the forelegs are raised in position when the insect rests.  This Isonychia gave me a couple minutes of his time and let me take a couple different shots.