Wild Lake Superior Steelhead

Had a chance to test out some new equipment this past week with Capt. Brad Petzke of Rivers North Guide Service and watched/filmed him as he hooked in to this beautiful wild Lake Superior Steelhead. 

Underwater Steelhead – Pic of the Day

Erik Rambo shot a video of a cool release shot of a steelhead swimming away along the sand in the lower river.  This video was shot this week in the high sun so we had good light and low clear water provides for a perfect effect. Took the video and converted it to a jpeg and found this shot that is hard to get with just a camera.  Thank you Erik.

Exciting new things for Musky in Michigan

Was just sent this article about the future of Musky in Michigan.  Have my fingers crossed that some new regulations and different tactics by the DNR will lead to exciting new fishing in our inland lakes.

Article by the DNR about what they have been up too regarding Musky!

Keep on trying – season is almost over

So I know in my hearts of hearts that as the water temps cool, I’ll only have a couple more chances at the leaping, cartwheeling, summersaulting, jumping, kicking your butt steelhead leaps that I try to burn into the images of film (DSLR).  But here is one from the week that turned out okay.  Had a chance at true glory but had the wrong ISO and AF for the moment, and all I captured was blur.

Picture of the day – Silly flies for steelhead

michigan steelhead

John O. with a dandy on a ugly fly

Now is the time to swing the big flies, as our lake-run rainbows from Lake Michigan are not so focused on the egg bite.  November historically is one of the best months and this year is no different as fish are on the hunt for something more.

Jumping Steelhead Picture – Pic of the day

I love trying to get these jumping pictures almost as much as I love it when customers hook into these amazing fish.  Some prime time michigan lake-run rainbow fishing is taking place “right now”!

First of the year (for me)

                                                       Day off Streamer Joy!

Getting an October day off, in the tail end of Sandy as the wind has started to die down gave me a chance to bring out the big gun and swing with the two-hander.  Running the Extreme Intermediate Skagit from SA, my favorite fall line by the way, found some nice fish to play with.