Kean Oh painting at Mangled Fly Media

Have had the opportunity to fish with Kean Oh and also watch him grow as an artist the past couple years, and Mangled Fly is now happy to help him sell his work.

New to the Mangled Fly Online Shop is a Brown Trout painting by Kean.  This painting shows a Manistee River brown trout with a Chuck Hawkins Nutcracker.  Mangled Fly is happy to help Kean Oh share his work with the world.  Any questions let me know.  Look for more stuff coming soon to the online store.

brown trout

Terrestrial Time – Scott G2 886

Terrestrial fishing starts right after the Hex Hatch, July, August, and September are prime months for hoppers, beetles, crickets, and ants.  One of my favorite rods for big Terristrial patterns is the Scott G2 886
With the end of the Hex Hatch starts the beginning of  Hopper Time.  No more up-wing parachutes or layout spinners.  Yes we will still have BWO’s, Trico’s and the occasional Iyso.  But July, August and September trout fishing for me, during the day light hours is match the Terrestrial.  Time to run the foam and rubber legs.

Matching the Terrestrial, just like Matching the Hatch, can change day to day.  For whatever reason trout can change focus from hoppers, to ants, to damsels, to crickets.  I really thinks it more of matching size and color.  Again just like matching the mayfly hatch, you need to figure out what fish want on a particular day.

With more free time in July than we have in June, have some goals for fly tying and photography work.  Hope to share more patterns and fish technique.  Again these are goals for the next couple months, so check back and we will see what I’ve come up with.

But in the mean time also wanted to share that ran a new rod just recently that is a new favorite for Terrestrial fishing the Scott G2 886.  With rods I truly believe that you need to cast or feel one before you buy.  But if your in your local fly shop pick this rod up, it has true hidden power and can turn over big foam, but in the same sense protect you when you need to drop down a tippet size.  A pleasure to cast and to fish with all day.  Check it out.  For those that enjoy the hopper dropper and need to turn over foam, but fish 5x on the dropper.

First Cicada Photo

I have had a chance to hear them, I’ve found a shuck before, but I have never had a chance to photograph one. Floating down the Manistee River yesterday I just happened to look down and saw this little bugger resting on a limb. I like the new foam flies that I will be developing now. Live and die by the big dry fly!

A Cicada sitting along the shore of the Manistee River.  Have new foam fly ideas already bouncing around in my mind.