Picture of the Day – Brown Trout Fin

Michigan brown trout.

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  1. Dave Krzeminski
    Dave Krzeminski says:

    Very Cool Jon! Beautiful picture (and fish). I know it varies for each picture you take, but are you willing to share the settings (frequently used) you have dialed in when you take close up pictures like this?

    I am pretty sure you are a catch and release guide and want safe releases of the fish. Can you explain how you manage to hold and control the fish to get these cool photos? I am sure you make every attempt to not hurt the fish (please know I am not criticizing or giving you a hard time). But I am curious how you are able to control the fish, and get them in positions while being able to dial in the settings on your camera. The few times I actually land a fish, I really struggle taking a picture or two (and they are usually lying on stream bank or a floor of boat), and these photos rarely turn out nice.

    Just wondering how the pros do it!

    Keep up the beautiful photography.


    • Mangled Fly
      Mangled Fly says:


      Thanks for the comment. I’ll do a follow up to this for sure. Great idea. Running around right now, but will give this some time over the weekend. Thanks checking the blog.

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