Fly Fishing Inland Ocean

If you love taking your fly rod to different places and chasing anything that swims, this book is going to help you update your “to do” list.  Jerry Darkes has just published a new book about all the great lakes and how to target anything that swims within these bodies of water.  From Salmon to smallmouth to carp.  So many ports, beaches, breakwaters, and river mouths to try, that an angler couldn’t do them all in a couple years.  But this untapped frontier needed a book like this, pick it up from your local fly shop or follow the link to amazon here.  The book will cover how to, when to, fly patterns, and so much more.

Also a bounce you might know the guy on the cover.  Will also be an assortment of Mangled Fly Media images within the pages as well.  Great job Jerry!

fly fishing the great lakes