New Fly Patterns for 2023 

As many of you already know, in 2019 I began selling my signature fly patterns through Montana Fly Company. This year I am excited to announce several new fly patterns that are available through Montana Fly Company in 2023! There will be two new dry flies, a Mouse, and Frog pattern to round out the new releases. The dry flies are an Isonychia Dun and Spinner variation. The Mayfly patterns have been some of my most productive searching and hatch matching patterns over the years.

Probably the two flies I am the most excited about are the Mouse and Frog patterns. I have been tinkering with these patterns for quite some time now. I use both flies primarily for fishing at night for Trophy Brown Trout. These flies are very durable and have an irresistible profile. The hook to shank arrangement gives the fly more realistic movement. More importantly, this fly design gives the angler more positive hook ups. Both patterns have proven to be very effective fish catching tools for trout and bass.

Here is a breakdown of the new patterns that will be available in 2023

McCoy’s Iso Dun-Grey

New Fly Patterns
McCoy’s Iso Dun-Grey

The McCoy’s Iso Dun-Grey is a spin off of an old Michigan Standard, the Robert’s Yellow Drake. This fly was tied to imitate the Isonychia Duns that hatch on our local streams. The pattern provides a realistic silhouette and is a great searching pattern. This has been one of my most productive hatch matching patterns for the Isonychia Mayfly on our local streams.

McCoy’s Iso-Cherry Bomb

New Fly Patterns
McCoy’s Iso-Cherry Bomb

McCoy’s Iso-Cherry Bomb Spinner pattern, or as we commonly refer to it as the Cherry Bomb is a spin off of the classic Robert’s Yellow Drake. This pattern provides a very realistic profile and matches the Cherry colored Isonychia Spinners. A customer named this fly and described it best. “It’s like lighting the fuse on a Cherry Bomb and casting it out there while bracing for impact!”. This is a fitting name if I do say so myself, thank you Anthony!

McCoy’s Amphibious Assault

The McCoy’s Amphibious Assault is a frog pattern that I developed for fishing at night for Trophy Trout. Frogs are often an overlooked meal readily available to fish. Frogs tend to reside along most of the streams we frequently fish. McCoy’s Amphibious Assault has been an absolute ass kicker for me for several seasons. The combination of the hook to shank attachment, blending of materials, and foam head make this fly come to life. This combination of materials provides more water displacement and more positive hook ups. We have also had success fishing this pattern for Smallmouth Bass. McCoy’s Amphibious Assault is available in three colors; Natural, Lunar, and Midnight.

McCoy’s Mouse

The McCoy’s Mouse is a night fly I developed based off the same template as the Amphibious Assault. This fly was designed to imitate our most abundant Mouse, the Deer Mouse (Peromyscus sp.). A unique blend of synthetic brushes and natural materials give this fly a realistic silhouette. The wiggle tail and foam head give this fly lots of push and movement. The hook to shank attachment provides more wiggle in the current and more positive hook ups. McCoy’s Mouse has produced several personal best Trophy Trout for our clients. It has fooled Smallmouth Bass as well feeding on a top water bite. This fly is available in two colors; Adult and Juvenile

Buy Online & Local Fly Shops

To get a hold of these new patterns I would check on availability with your local fly shop or at Mangled Fly Online Shop. As with anything new it can sometimes be hard to predict demand. I would plan ahead and stock up on these flies before they are gone! If you are having difficulty finding these patterns locally please drop us a message. We will do our best to help you get these patterns in your fly box for the upcoming season. Look for several more fly releases with MFC in the near future. I have been expanding upon some new and old favorites to add to the catalog.

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