Upper Manistee River Trout Fishing

Upper Manistee River Trout Fishing

Upper Manistee River Trout Fishing
Fishing Report for the Upper Manistee River

Manistee River Trout Report

Upper Manistee Trout Fishing report for the first week of August has the late summer programs coming into form! The hopper fishing and the mousing has been pretty good over the past week with some real quality fishing across both arenas. Fishing has been rebounding nicely with the seasonal forecast and the steady nightly cool downs have kept the water temps right in the happy zone for our trout. The daytime hopper bite has been pretty good with lots of action on most days and some bigger fish starting to take notice as of late. The night fishing has been giving our guests plenty of opportunities for the most part and the later part of the previous New Moon phase gave us a couple of real trophy fish and a few epic nights to say the least. The late season trout fishing is rounding into true form as we turn the page into August.

Summer Trout Fishing

With some more seasonable weather in Northern Michigan, the water temps have been more what we would expect for the this time of year. Just keep in mind on the hot days/evenings you should still temp the water before fishing/launching in a section and please do not fish in those sections this week that go over 70 during the heat of the day. Give those fish a break until the hot weather moves on. The Data Station was back on-line this week as we made some minor changes and tweaks to the charging apparatus for the monitoring station. Please use this link here for temp and flow data this summer to help you remotely monitor water temperature before you even head out to the river.

The late summer trout fishing can provide some fun and exciting fly angling opportunities as the fish tend to crush the foam flies we are fishing. If you are a fly tier don’t be afraid to get crazy, sometimes something different is just the ticket at this time of year. A little movement and skating your fly here and there is also a good way to elicit strikes right now. Overall the terrestrial fishing has been pretty good this week, if the bite slows down try downsizing your fly size. Smaller ant and beetle patterns have also picked up the slack during the slower periods of day.

The Trico hatch is in full swing and we have had some pretty good spinner dumps this week in the early to late morning time frames. Some days the fish are feeding as far as you can see and you would think it was raining as they rise up slowly and sip these tiny little bugs. The cloudy wet days are still getting some decent summer Olive activity, but the Trico’s are definitely the most abundant insect available right now. The evenings have been giving us a mixed bag of Isonychia spinners, Light Cahill spinners, and Caddis.

The night fishing was pretty good during the first New Moon phase and we had some really good nights and a couple that were just a grind. Things really fired up during the waxing phase of the last moon cycle and we had a few nights that were just short of epic and several trophy fish found the net to make a few lucky anglers smile for days. We have one more New Moon phase heading our way later this month. One more chance to capitalize on some of the largest fish we will see this season, one more chance to target some fish we have located, and one more chance to dial in some new patterns. The night fishing can be challenging, but if you are up for the challenge the rewards can be large!

Late Summer Hatches

The Trico hatch is full swing on the Upper Manistee. These tiny little bugs are both a blessing and a curse as you probe the morning hours on our local trout streams. The Trico hatch offers anglers a chance at some of the most technical dry fly fishing we have in Northern Michigan. You won’t commonly have big fish opportunities during this hatch, but that is not the point. If you want to work on honing in your dry fly technique this hatch will offer you exactly that. There is nothing more humbling than having a 7 inch Brook trout deny your offering and thumb his fins at you just because your presentation wasn’t perfect. There are still some Summer Olives in the morning as well, but the Trico’s have been them most abundant insect as of late. Evening hatches have been a bit of a mixed bag with some “popcorn’ Caddis, Light Cahill’s, and Isonychia scattered in the mix. Fish have been feeding hard right at dusk and then about as quickly as it starts….. its over!

It’s been a good season so far and we are continuing to enjoy the typically relaxed late season, pitching off the wall patterns and enjoying everything the Upper Manistee River has to offer!

Trout Guide Trips

Looking to book a Northern Michigan summer Trout trip? If so you can reach us at 231-631-5701 (leave a message) or shoot us an email. We are booking well into August and September now, with hopper and mousing trips. Ed only has 3 nights left open for mousing and the daytime calendar is filling up fast so don’t hesitate to call for availability. Smallmouth Bass is another option with some of the best fishing in August. Check out the podcast that Jon Ray was apart of if you want to learn more about Northern Michigan Smallmouth Bass. It’s also not too early to start thinking about fall steelhead adventures on the Lower Manistee River for steelhead, and late season streamer trips for brown trout on the Upper Manistee as well.

Just got in a limited run of summer fishing shirts as well, these sun shirts have been popular with the guides check them out, if we don’t have your size or color drop us a line, we will let you know if we have more on the way.

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drier dry flies

Drier Dry Flies

Did a video on the Hawkins YouTube channel about a trick I learned a few years ago from angler Larry Webb.  Had to share this simple trick to keep your dry flies floating longer.  Thank you Larry for the helpful tip, has really saved my spinner patterns from an early grave.  Check out the video if you enjoy throwing around the dry fly this time of year.

May Dry Fly Video

Worked with Chuck Hawkins yesterday and taped a couple video’s that we just posted on our Hawkins Youtube channel.  Did work separating audio from video and inserting photo’s inside the video to display detail.  Working with audio is not an easy as it sounds, but enjoy the video and hope it helps bring to light how good May dry fly fishing can be.