Manistee River below Tippy Dam

Manistee River Fishing Report

Manistee River Below Tippy Dam

The Manistee River below Tippy Dam fishing report for early October. Water Levels are a little low for this time of year, but water is extremely clear with a slight green tint. Our main focus this time of year is on the migratory Fall Steelhead . With plenty of King Salmon spawning in the Upper Sections near Tippy Dam the Egg Train is cooking.

Still a good number of King Salmon in the holes in the mid river section, and would guess with the weather system headed our way this Thursday and Friday we should get one more small push of Kings and some Coho’s.

Fall Steelhead Fishing

Fall Steelhead fishing is one of our favorite times of year. The first signs of these magnificent fish have started to show themselves behind the spawning salmon. Egg patterns are the go to right now. Bead fishing is by far the most popular method, as matching the hatch (eggs) is pretty easy with a pegged egg on the line. Usually color isn’t that big of deal in the first few weeks. Steelhead will hunt out anything in the orange spectrum. If your pegging your beads or swinging a few flies make sure to check out our hook recommendations for steelhead.

Normally in the first few weeks of the fall steelhead season the swing bite can be tough, as so many eggs are flowing. But the next few weeks is a good time to tie flies as by the middle of the month things should be setting up. One of our favorite go to patterns is the Perch pattern as shown in this YouTube video

Fall Steelhead Swing Pattern

Booking a Trip

If you’re looking to book a Fall Steelhead or Trout Fishing Trip give us a call at (231-631-5701) or shoot us an email . The Manistee River below Tippy Dam is one of the best sections in Michigan for Fall Steelhead, we have a few dates still open. Also from what we saw last season December – February can be some of the best steelhead fishing of the year. Nothing beats the Fall Steelhead, but definitely don’t overlook winter.

Tight Lines,

Jon Ray