Pere Marquette Fishing Report

Pere Marquette Fishing Report

Pere Marquette Trout Fishing

Pere Marquette Fishing Report
Pere Marquette Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report for the first week in November as the Pere Marquette river is looking good! I was very surprised to see so many salmon still spawning. I knew that the salmon run was late but didnt think that the salmon would still be spawning this late into the fall. With that said we found that the steelhead and brown trout were no longer keying in on the salmons eggs. We found the majority of our fish in the wood. Slow deeper runs with lumber in them seemed to be the go.

Fall Steelhead

The browns and steelhead both looked very fat and healthy. After the fall egg drop and the dying salmon the entire river felt very happy and healthy. The bead egg bite was tough. Sorted through lots of colors and sizes with very little response. This should change as the water temps drop. At that point we decided to change methods and go lure fishing.

Minnow Bite

The fish wanted a minnow. A big meal. We spent the last half of the day moving and catching some nice fish. What a blast!! With the river conditions low and clear a quiet approach staying well away from the area you are targeting is a must. The river is clean, clear and very wadeable. This weekend’s weather report looks great for spending some time on the river. Take advantage: you never know when winter will decide to show up. Also, We have a few open dates for December fishing. Low angler pressure makes December a perfect time for a float. Be safe out there and good luck!!

Booking Trout Trips

Drop us an email if your thinking about booking a steelhead fishing trip on the Pere Marquette or Lower Manistee River. You can also give us a call at (231-631-5701) and we will get you on the water! We still have a few openings in November and December can be just as good if your looking to get out on the water. Also not too early to think about Gift Certificates for your favorite anglers for holiday gifts.

Jeff Topp

Mangled Fly Guide Service is growing

Jeff Topp and Ed McCoy

First let me start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year from Mangled Fly! Secondly, I would like to take this opportunity to make an exciting new announcement. Mangled Fly would like to welcome two new members to the team! Allow me to introduce fellow guides and new team members; Capt. Ed McCoy and Capt. Jeff Topp. With the addition of Ed and Jeff, Mangled Fly will be expanding its guide services to include an expanded diversity of angling experiences, more capacity to facilitate multiple boat trips, and more importantly two additional guides with a wealth of experience and knowledge of our local waters.

These are exciting times for us with the New Year and a new outlook heading into 2020! We encourage everyone to continually check out the Mangled Fly website and especially the updated guide pages to familiarize yourselves with Ed and Jeff. We are very excited about the new additions to the team and we are looking forward to the upcoming fishing season. Follow the Mangled Fly fishing reports and our fellow team members on their social media platforms to stay up to date with all of the local fishing conditions in our area. Mangled Fly wishes everyone a Fishy 2020 and Tight Lines as we continue to pursue our passion for teaching the art of angling!