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2013 week 1 Muskie Adventure

Well not really a week but 12 days of Muskie 2013 just came to an end, still have 3 more days planned and can’t wait to get back.  Wanted to throw up a quick pic, and give a couple highlights to the first part of the adventure.

    • First trip was 2 days with two new muskie anglers and we popped the muskie cherry on day one.  With each angler landing muskie, as I reported in a previous post we found the first tiger muskie on that trip.
    • First muskie on topwater was accomplished going into the next week.  Have this also on video and will be editing this with Erik Rambo.  Muskie video highlights from a couple days filming above and below the surface will be coming shortly.  Look for more on that soon.
    • Had a chance to guide two women for the first time for Muskie, with a bunch of rain falling the day before river came up and seemed like most fish changed there feeding lines, but we did land a Muskie that day along with a half dozen pike.  Ann M. picture to the (lower right) with her first ever Muskie on a fly.


  • Jay Hickey (below) first time Muskie angler with his first and also my biggest fish of the trip, was an end to the first part.  Great fish Jay!