Fall Colors

Colors seem to explode yesterday morning (once the rain stopped), this bank along the Manistee River always has great color and is a wonderful back drop for anglers as we search for chrome.

As the sun rises, the colors explode along the Manistee River.

Black and White Manistee River – Pic of the Day

With some fresh snow and the reflection of the sky bouncing off of the Manistee River, took two seconds during a steelhead trip to take this photo. Thought the black and white gave it the look I was wanting.

Picture of the Day – First King of the Year

Ed McCoy finding one that would eat a streamerIt’s a challenge that I have always enjoyed since the first time I tried it 8 or 9 years ago, throwing streamers for Kings.  With this years temps, the challenge has stepped up a notch.  Usually first King of the year for me (and my boat) is hooked and landed in Aug, so this year we are a step or two behind my usual pace.  But Ed McCoy got us on the board, and look for the next wave of fish to bring us back to our normal pace.