Pere Marquette Fishing Report

Pere Marquette Trout Fishing

Pere Marquette Fishing Report
Pere Marquette Fall Brown Trout Fishing

Fishing Report

Pere Marquette River Fishing Report for the first week in October is the river is in great shape for salmon, trout, and the first arrivals of steelhead fishing. The Salmon migration is in full swing. We spent the better part of the day watching kings swim up river to their spawning grounds. Pods of 2 to 10 fish at a time passing us bye. Although we had brown trout on our mind it was a very pretty sight. Also the salmon are a great food source  for everything that swims in the river. Not to mention the birds and critters on the banks. With the trees in full bloom it is a great time to be floating the river.

Trout Fishing

Trout fishing was pretty good. We moved trout in the log jams and deeper runs on lures for the better part of the day but our best trout bite was around the spawning kings. It seemed to me that the browns are starting to put the fall feed bags on and are lining up behind the spawning kings. The best luck we had around the gravel was to use beads and yarn flys under indicators. A solid dead drift made a big difference in the number of bites we had. As the salmon continue to spawn the trout fishing in and around those areas should get better. We also had a couple of good butt whoopin steelhead on our lines and they did just that. Whooped use big time. The steelhead fishing should ramp up as the fall moves on.

Fall Steelhead

Steelhead are egg junkies. This time of the year we usually find them in the dark water around the kings spawning gravel. The bead game is strong right now. Salmon eggs are the best food source available in the fall and they are like crack to steelhead. As the fall progresses and the King Salmon spawn slows the steelhead will move back into the deeper runs. This is my favorite time to be on the Pere Marquette from mid November and December for me is the time to be fishing for fall steelhead.

With very low angling pressure that time of the year in my opinion its the best! This time of the year fish are there and the river gives you the feeling that you are the only one out there. Floating the river in the later fall can bring great reward. We have a few openings for the later fall season. My favorite season. If you would like to float the Pere Marquette this fall please let us know. It is a very special time to be on the river.

Booking Trout Trips

Drop us an email if your thinking about booking a steelhead fishing trip on the Pere Marquette or Lower Manistee River. You can also give us a call at (231-631-5701) and we will get you on the water! We still have a few openings in November and December can be just as good if your looking to get out on the water. Make sure to check back as our fall hats should be arriving soon. Also not too early to think about Gift Certificates for your favorite anglers for holiday gifts.

Jeff Topp