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Product Review – ARC Eyeglass Retainer

arc sunglass retainer

ARC Sunglass Retainer

ARC Outdoor Gear has made a sunglass retainer that can stand up to the abuse of even my standards.

GRAPLRZ Retainers are made of stainless steel cable, industrial grade silicone and anodized aluminum. Stylish, durable, comfortable, and with a lifetime warranty.

After wearing out similar products by another company , I trashed two sunglass retainers this past summer alone.    When I saw the heavy plastic cups that suction onto the glasses, I knew this wear point would not give out, the heavier gauge wear is nice because it stays off your neck.  For sure one of the greatest negatives of all other sunglass retainers is the retainer laying on the back of your neck.  Drives me crazy! I will say my only negative to the ARC Sunglass Retainer is that it’s a little long.  Pulling on my hoodie over my hat the retainer does get pinched, usually a simple maneuvering of the retainer lays it down properly but having this wire a little shorter would be nice.  But the positives that it has already lasted a couple months with no signs of wear, means this retainer will out last the rest.  Plus with the lifetime warranty that ARC has given this product, means the manufacture knows it’s going to last a long long time.

Check out ARC other products as well they have some pretty cool lights and knives for the outdoor enthusiast.