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Costa Del Mar Sunglass Lens Comparison

What is the one thing, day in and day out that is most important to me for comfort, performance, and safety?  What product can’t I live without everyday that I’m on the water, driving my car, and working around the house?  Thinking about it, it has to be my Costa Del Mar Sunglasses.  I almost live in my Costa’s wearing sunglasses honestly 365 days a year anytime I’m outside, sometimes 16 hours per day. I can remember when I made the change 5 years ago and noticed the difference right away.  The lens quality of the 580 Glass  and Plastic is second to none.  Check out Costa’s Lens options.  How light the frames are, and the ease on my eyes to look through there glass lens, is what sold me.  Having recently just purchases my second pair of glasses from Costa I tried to do a len’s comparison with pictures below.

For the past 5 years I’ve been in a pair of copper lens.  Love em!  Perfect lens for Michigan water ways, driving, and outdoor activities.  But recently with all the June fishing I was doing, and as we I stayed out later and later, I was noticing I was not comfortable the last hour of day light. That peak hour of fishing as drakes and brown trout become most active.  I kept taking my glasses off, as the copper lens made me feel uncomfortable.  So now I own a pair of sunrise (yellow) lens on the same frames.  The perfect lens for low light and fog.  Having worn the sunrise now on a few trips, I love them too.  I can honestly wear them in the dark and feel comfortable and safe as we throw big size #4 hex spinners or foam bodied mouse patterns around.  I put them on the first or last hour of the day, my eyes do have to adjust from the copper to the sunrise (yellow), the transition is pretty quick. Actually did notice the other morning it took my eyes a little longer for my to adjust from sunrise to copper in the morning hours, put still pretty quick and painless.  Not an eye specialist and I’m sure something is going on, but just something I noticed.  Was not a big deal, but like I said just something I noticed.

Did my best with a camera behind the sunglasses to so you the difference with the same shot.

Copper Lens

costa_sunglasses (2 of 3)


costa_sunglasses (1 of 3)

No Lens

costa_sunglasses (3 of 3)

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