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Mangled Fly Media was created to capture the natural beauty of fly fishing and the spectacular places where it takes place. Whether the beautiful colors of a Winter steelhead, or an eagle watchfully hunting its next meal, our goal is to capture the power and beauty of this exciting pursuit. Even our “grip and grin” shots aren’t what you’re used to seeing.

Now we’ve combined forces with Snap T Productions, a leader in innovative fly fishing videos. While video was always an element of Mangled Fly, this new partnership really takes it to a new level. We came together out of a shared passion for capturing something unique – whether on film or video. We hope you enjoy the site and come back often!

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Mangled Fly Media, was conceived to bring  experiences and skills in outdoor imagery and video to a broader market. Whether you’re looking to purchase a photo for your home, license one for a publication, or have us document the trip of your dreams, it’s our goal to bring a fresh and unexpected approach, coupled with stunning subject matter.

Jon Ray, fly fishingAbout Jon Ray
Captain Jon Ray has been fly-fishing since the age of 15 and has guided fly anglers in Michigan for over the last decade. Jon’s first love is chasing large resident trout with streamers & dry flies. The Upper & Lower Manistee,  and the Pere Marquette are among his favorite rivers.

Jon has fly fished around the world including Alaska, Argentina, and New Zealand. Some of his favorite fishing spots outside of Michigan include: stripers in Maine, trout in Montana, and snook in Florida. He brings all this experience to your fishing day with an enthusiasm that is contagious. Jon is totally focused on helping his clients land that trophy chrome steelhead, large wary brown trout or lunker smallmouth of your dreams, while also improving their fishing skill level.

Jon Ray is on the Scott Rods Pro Staff, Scientific Anglers Ambassador program and  is continually pushing the state-of-the-art in fly fishing with new techniques, tactics, and strategies to enhance the fishing experience.

About Erik RamboErik Rambo, fly fishing
The son of a professional bass fisherman, Erik grew up with a fishing rod in his hands. At age 16 he discovered fly fishing and a lifelong love of chasing aggressive fish on the fly started. Erik targets aggressive species – from steelhead on the swung fly to trout and smallmouth bass on streamers. That powerful take is what captivates him. In recent years, Erik has gravitated to two-handed spey casting and swung flies. He especially loves the big water of West Michigan, including the Muskegon and Manistee rivers.

Erik started his career as a photographer, shooting a wide range of subjects and also doing professional retouching. Later he moved into the video production field both shooting and editing and most recently managing a team that produces award-winning work for Fortune 100 clients.

About Kevin Feenstra
Residing in Newaygo, Michigan, Kevin is a long time fishing guide in this region .    He grew up in Grandville, Michigan and fished small creeks until he was a teenager.  While in his late teens, he found the Muskegon and fell in love with the big river.

Kevin is a swung fly nut  and spends every free minute chasing steelhead through the fall, winter, and spring.   West Michigan’s streams are kevin feenstra, fly fishingdiverse—they are a great place for him to try new flies and techniques.  He loves any type of predator fish that will take a fly and spends much of the rest of the year pursuing warm water species such as smallmouth bass, pike, and muskie.

He has been published many times in fly tying manuals and steelhead books and contributes to regional, national, and international magazines.  He  is on the national pro staff of Scott Fly Rod Company and of Scientific Anglers.   His other passion is fishing, nature, and underwater photography.   Along with friends Jon and Erik, he hopes to share his enthusiasm for our great waters.

Kevin’s Searching for Steelhead DVD

About Jon Ingham
Born and raised in Royal Oak, MI, Jon learned to fish from his father at a young age but became addicted to the sport upon moving to Jackson, WY where he became good friends with a few fishing guides who passed on their love of the art of fly fishing.  After spending 7 years in the Yellowstone Eco System fishing it’s fabled waters and also learning to fish for steelhead with a two handed rod on the Salmon and Clearwater rivers of Idaho, Jon moved back to his home state.  A career opportunity brought him to Traverse City, where he now chases migratory and resident fishes…the more challenging the better.  In the last 5 years, sight fishing to feeding Carp has become a favorite target in the summer months.

His deepest fishing passion is swinging flies for trout and steelhead.  During the spring, summer and fall, you can find him fishing soft hackles for trout on the local rivers.  In the summer, you might find him faithfully waking some foam flies steelhead.  He is a truly devoted steelhead fisherman and does so pretty much year round, with fall being his favorite time of year.

Professionally, Jon is a wine and spirits salesman for Veritas Distributors.  If he offers you a drink from his flask, take it, as you can be confident that it will be delicious!



  • Twelve inch brown trout caught on the PM, near Baldwin Michigan.  Scott G2 905 with a Gray Drake Spinner.
  • Brown trout skin, love the red dots and unique pattern of each and every brown trout.
  • Brook trout in the top surface film, with a tan hopper that tricked him into eating.
  • Rocking and a rolling, and twisting and a turning.
  • One of my favorite pictures to this date that I have taken.  Brook trout fin.
  • Fish skull circus peanut in a late winter or early spring depending on how you look at it, brown trouts mouth.
  • In June most of the attention goes to the Iyso or Drakes, but some of us know how well the Stonefly can do to bring up the bigger ones.
  • July through September is prime Hopper time for Michigan brown trout.  Olive hoppers are always winners.
  • Water, hands and brown trout.  Early season streamer trout caught on Russ Maddin's Circus Peanut.
  • B&W photo with all but the blue and the red withdrawn from the image in Lightroom.  Wanted to show off the blue damsel that this nice brown trout fell for.
  • The man the myth the legend, Russ Maddin with a April Manistee River brown trout.
  • Full of colors, as summer turns into fall the display of colors will only grow
  • Erik Rambo took this photo.  Erik and I work together at Mangled Fly.  Erik is owner of Snap T Pictures.  His web page is here - http://mangledfly.com/snap-t-pictures/
  • Kean O. with a great October brown trout from the Upper Manistee.
  • Caught in the moment a Michigan brown trout jumping with a Nutcracker streamer in it's mouth.
  • Getting down and dirty with a worm imitation on the upper manistee.
  • Michigan brook trout on a red butt peacock soft hackle.
  • Brook trout have the best colors, this one fell for a Iyso Pattern in early July.
  • Fall brown trout fishing, brown resting in the net just before release.  #keepemwet
  • Streamer fishing along the Pere Marquette, this brown trout ate a custom tied Circus Peanut (future Vimeo production), lighting and clarity were perfect to capture this quick shot. #keepemwet
  • One of my favorite streamer rods, 907 Scott Radian with a Michigan Brown Trout
  • Brown trout fell victim to a sculpin pattern meant for a steelhead.  Bubbles stirred up by the fast water give this photo a special effect.
  • Lake-run brown falling for a egg-sucking leech.  Michigan lake-run browns as they drop back after the spawn are eager for a bigger meal.
  • A close up of a lake-run brown trout, caught on a halloween egg sucking leech, while streamer fishing for steelhead.
  • Some of the best fishing in Michigan is just before the sun goes down, Ann Miller scores this nice brown trout in June, just before dusk.
  • The Circus Peanut is a classic streamer pattern here in Michigan, created by Russ Maddin.  This Healthy brown trout fell victim to a gold and olive variation.  To learn how to tie the Circus Peanut go to our Step-by-Step video - https://vimeo.com/ondemand/circuspeanut


Latest Uploaded Fly Fishing Videos

Feenstra’s Shrew Sculpin – Trailer from Mangled Fly Media on Vimeo.

Midnight Creeper Trailer from Mangled Fly Media on Vimeo.

In the soon to be released fly fishing video Ed McCoy breaks down one of his signature fly patterns called the Midnight Creeper. The full length version of this video will share some of the secrets of fishing after dark, along with a 25 minute step by step fly tying experience with Ed McCoy. Ed breaks down each step and how he balances materials in his night flies. Underwater shots and night vision cameras bring the audience into Ed McCoy’s world. Full length video coming Spring 2014.

Music – Thriller Dark Island by The Sound Room (Audiosocket Track #66145)

Swinging with the Scott T3H from Mangled Fly Media on Vimeo.

Scott Rod Pro Staffers Kevin Feenstra, Brad Petzke, and Jon Ray give the new T3h two-hand rods a workout on Michigan steelhead. Each one worked with a different model suited to the waters they guide. All Scott fly fishing rods are designed to fish as well as they cast. All three anglers found that like all Scott rods, the T3h has soul. If you fish a Scott, you’ll understand. If you don’t fish a Scott, you need to.

Mangled Fly Muskie Vacation from Mangled Fly Media on Vimeo.

Erik Rambo, Kevin Feenstra and Jon Ray spend a day chasing Muskie on the fly. Spending a few days on a guides vacation searching for the elusive muskie. Flies did become Mangled in the jaws of these apex predators, with a couple different muskie deciding to play with the topwater fly. "Have a nice day" fly – a unique Feenstra invention.

Big Appetite Small Mouth DVD Trailer from Mangled Fly Media on Vimeo.

Michigan is home to many great freshwater game fish. In this DVD, Michigan guides Jon Ray and Kevin Feenstra explore some of the great waters of West Michigan for smallmouth bass. Both Jon and Kevin have a great deal of experience with these hard fighting gamefish. The complete fly fishing video will feature tips and techniques, as well as detailed, step-by-step instructions for a handful of their favorite flies. Basics such as equipment and knots are also covered. This DVD is produced by Erik Rambo of Snap T productions. Erik is a professional videographer, known for his work in other fly fishing films. Music done by Mike Moran check out more of his work on his website.
DVD is now available for purchase at mangledfly.com/wp/products/products/big_appetite_small_mouth_dvd


Images for Sale

Find just the right image for your home? Want a top-quality print of a recent day on the river with me? Prints of outdoor images are available in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Images for License
All of my images are available for license for use in publications as well as for use in marketing campaigns. Contact me for more information. Don’t steal them though – I have many friends and family who are lawyers.

Custom Shoots
Need a photographer/ videographer who knows how to capture exceptional outdoor images? I’m your guy. I’ve shot in a wide range of settings and situations. I use only top-quality equipment to ensure everything works as it should. Whether you want to document that buddy trip to Belize, or need top-quality photos from a fishing tournament, I can help.



Snap T Pictures exists to fulfill one simple goal – to explore new ways to look at fly fishing videos. From a unique shooting angle, to innovative editing, we’re continually seeking new ways to view the world. Much of our effort focuses on getting a unique shot. Sometimes this means some pretty crazy stuff. Like rigging a homemade cable across an Upper Peninsula stream to capture the beauty of a spey cast. Or snorkeling in the Manistee river to experience the powerful take of a smallmouth hitting a streamer. At Snap T Pictures, we try to see things differently than your standard fishing porn fare. To capture the beauty of a special place, illustrate a new technique, or introduce you to a fly fishing guru. But effective, entertaining videos are about more than just cool cinematography – they’re about telling a story. At Snap T Pictures, this is also a key goal. To transport the viewer from their day-to-day life to the immersive, powerful world of fly fishing. Snap T Pictures DVD’s.  Check out the latest DVD Striking Steel, in the Mangled Fly Shop.

Snap T Pictures