Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Northern Michigan Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Northern Michigan Smallmouth Bass season is hitting its stride.  With a really warm week on the temperature scale this past week, we hit 90’s most days.  Fishing Grand Traverse Bay all week was like sitting in air condition the whole day.  With Bay temperatures ranging from 58 degrees in some spots to 70 in others, we found smallmouth bass in pre-spawn mode and full fledge spawning.

Grand Traverse Bay Smallmouth

Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Grand Traverse Bay Smallmouth Bass

This past week we hit Grand Traverse bay every day, learning as much as we good.  Have to thank everyone that joined me for this adventure.  I see so much potential here and know I have a ton to learn, but was energized by the success we had.  Everyday we had impressive size smallmouth bass come to the fly.  Goby looking patterns, small baitfish patterns, and crayfish type stuff worked.

I’ve also have been learning with the help of Jeff Topp  & Owen Hentschel some of the in’s and out’s of the light tackle game.  With wind usually picking up in the afternoons,  and the distance of casting needed for success.  The light tackle component is an important part of fishing Grand Traverse Bay.  While early summer temps bring this giant smallmouth into fly range, the crystal clear waters of Northern Michigan make them spooky.   This past week after the arms were tired from the fly rod, we caught smallmouth as well on small swim baits , tube jigs, and some home made hair jigs.

Hair Jigs

The Hair Jigs we are throwing have my mind working overtime, this cross-over between fly and gear is fascinating.  Using my skills from steelhead fishing and river smallmouth fishing have mixed up some new Hair Jigs that have really been working well for me.  Over the winter months will definitely be show casing a few of these on the YouTube channel.  Until then because of the competitive nature of the bass tour I’ll keep them under wrap.  But this style of fishing for smallmouth has been opening up my mind of other opportunities .

Booking a Smallmouth Trip

Interested in booking a Smallmouth Bass Trip, drop us a message via email, or text/call us directly 231-631-5701. We have open boats available this Summer and Early Fall for targeting Northern Michigan Smallmouth Bass.

Jon Ray