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Fly Tying Details – Pic of the Day

Ed McCoy is one of the best fly tiers and I’ve had the opportunity to spend many of sessions watching him master his craft.  Erik Rambo captured this picture of Ed tying flies and as usual paying extra attention to the little details.   Attention to detail is the only way McCoy knows how to […]

Fish “whats for dinner” – Pic of the Day

Captured this Great Blue Heron with a little bullhead snack. Trying to do my best Kevin Feenstra imitation. Kevin has always captured the best Blue Heron eating pictures.  While this is not to his standards I’ll take it, for my first try. All you can eat bullheads today for Mr. Blue Heron. #getoutside #puremichigan #allucaneat […]

Tying Flies – Pic of the Day

Mangled Fly contributor Erik Rambo captures Ed McCoy tying big flies late at night. Something about the process of tying a new fly for the next day, that gives the angler more confidence. Taking what you have learned from the previous day and implementing that knowledge. Ed McCoy is a master at this craft. Ed […]

Patagonia Fly Fishing shares Alaska

Thank you Patagonia Fly Fishing for sharing one of my images from my adventure with Jeff Topp at Katmai Lodge a few weeks ago.  Was an amazing trip and look forward to going back next year.  Again more information to come about this amazing trip, just waiting for my good friend Jeff to get back […]

Solar Flare

NASA Sun & Space shared this footage of Sunday’s powerful solar flare in extreme ultraviolet light.   Our Sun-watching satellite captured this footage of Sunday’s powerful solar flare in extreme ultraviolet light: https://t.co/UMs3kDbLx2 pic.twitter.com/3eCBYruwid — NASA Sun & Space (@NASASun) September 12, 2017

Same line new name – Freightliner Skagit

Same great line (with a few minor changes) but with a new name.  SA launches the Freightliner Skagit, which is the same line from the past few years that we have been using.  The blue line as we called it in the boat.  The Intermediate Skagit gets a new name and a much requested cosmetic […]

Moose along the river – Alaska

Not something I see everyday in my neighborhood, Mom and calf chewing on some river side snacks. #seewhatsoutthere #katmailodge #getoutside #alaska #flyfishingtravel A post shared by Mangledfly (@mangledfly) on Sep 6, 2017 at 5:11am PDT

Katmai Lodge Alaskan Rainbow Trout

Had the opportunity to spend a few days at Katmai Lodge with good friend and great guide Jeff Topp.  Spent a few days focused on rainbow trout.  Thank you Katmai Lodge for a true Alaskan Experience, thank you Jeff Topp for showing us a small piece of Alaska, and sharing a part of the world […]

Red Hat Deal

Have a mistake at the printer that will be a deal for you, one of a kind red/white trucker hat for $5.  Have 18 of these hats in stock first come first serve.  Same type of hat as our popular Dry Fly Hat we did in Grey/Black earlier this summer.

Picture of the Day – Camping in Northern Michigan

Photo by Erik Rambo of his campsite in Northern Michigan, Amazing image Erik!  Thank you for sharing.   A not so blinding view of the sky from this weekend. #wildernessstatepark #nightsky #internationaldarkskypark #darksky #milkyway #nottheeclipse #puremichigan #astrophotography A post shared by Erik Rambo (@erik.rambo) on Aug 21, 2017 at 11:46am PDT