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Big Eat Video

Pretty cool angle of a pretty cool fish, chasing down a streamer in a far away land.

The Big Eat from Capt Jack Productions on Vimeo.

USA made Tumblers

Have been a big supporter of Liberty Bottles.  They have a Kickstarter going on right now to help them become the 1st USA manufacturer of double walled tumblers.  Currently other double walled tumblers are made over seas.  Help Liberty achieve their goal.

brown trout picture

Few Different Pics

First need to apologize for the lack on content, nothing but excuses but hope to find some time and create some interesting content in the coming weeks.  Here are a few images to help scratch the itch.

Kean hunting his first Pike on the fly, it was pretty exciting to watch this predator hunt down our dying bait fish pattern.  Using the Scientific Anglers Intermediate Titan Taper with a Essox Leader we had a few chances at Pike and caught multiple nice smallmouth bass on the Manistee River this past weekend.

pike on the fly

Jerome joined me for a day time adventure and scored some really nice trout on dry flies, Jerome has to believe in the good luck his new Mangled Fly hat provided him.  Great day Jerome and impressive trout on the dry fly during the day.

brown trout picture

Had a chance to spend a few days along the west coast on a family vacation and shot this sunset picture. Always impressed by the size of Lake Michigan and how much it reminds me of the east coast.  Just missing a little bit of salt.

Sunset closing out an amazing family vacation #puremichigan #sunset #familytime

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Pic of the Day – Fawn in the Grass


mangled fly stickers

Pic of the Day – Yeti Stickers

Don D. sent in this picture of his Yeti Cooler getting dialed in with the new Mangled Fly Stickers that he received last week with his Muskie T-Shirt order.  Thank you Don for all your support.  Cooler is looking good!

mangled fly stickers

Brown Trout Sun Shirt

New Long Sleeve Coming Soon

Brown Trout Sun Shirt


Next week a New long sleeve Sun shirt will be hitting the store.  Thank you Kean Oh for letting us use one of your amazing drawings.  A beautiful Michigan Brown Trout on the back, in stunning 8 color design, with the Dry Fly Mangled Fly Logo on the front. Same Logo as our Dry Fly Hat that came out last week. This long sleeve shirt will be printed on one of the nicest Sun Shirts that I’ve ever worn.  The Long Sleeve Sun Shirt has been a staple of my day to day wardrobe since they first started coming out.  This particular one is made my Hanes and is the most comfortable one to date.  I’ll post another blog when they arrive but wanted to share the image. Limited addition so get them while they last.

Brown Trout Sun Shirt

Grass Carp

Cicada Hatch and Mangled Fly

Grass Carp

Bob H. sent in this great picture of his adventure with Blane Chocklett, Bob was hoping to muskie fish with Blane.  But with water so high Blane suggested that they go after Carp and Grass Carp on topwater with Cicada Patterns.  Bob had a great time and landed some impressive sized carp on the fly.  Bob thank you for the picture and support wearing the Mangled Fly Camo Hat.

Below is a video posted recently with more Highlights of what Blane does on the fly and the impressive amount of Cicadas currently invading his area.

Cicadapocalypse 2017 from Drift Media Productions on Vimeo.

Mangled Fly Trucker Hat

New Mangled Fly Hat

A New Mangled Fly Trucker Hat will be hitting the Shop this coming week.  Will post another blog when it’s available in the Shop. Also look for a couple new long sleeve sun shirts coming soon.

Mangled Fly Trucker Hat