Feelings we all share.

I have two favorite quotes from this film

  1. “It’s really up to the Salmon” – when fishing we try to come up with all these theories of how to catch more fish.  When we really get down to the basics of our theories it really does come down to the fish.  They control so much of our theories.
  2. “it’s like believing in God” – to be an Atlantic Salmon chaser or steelhead chaser you have to have belief, it has to be so strong that it just keeps pulling you back to the river over and over again.  Believing that your going to actually catch a fish, especially on a swung fly.

Watch this clip and look for these two quotes.  Great film with some unbelievable video work.  Love the helicopter effect that they pulled off.  Great job on this clip, really shows how fishing is universal.  Doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

a thousand theories from Rolf Nylinder on Vimeo.

Steelhead Blues

Not like the “blues” you are accustomed too, but blue flies.  Not sure why it is when the snow starts flying that blue works.  Actually I’m sure blue works just as well the rest of the year, but for me blue only comes out when the snow flies.  Today was the first day of steelhead “blues”.


Mangled Fly Hoodie Spotted

Aaron sent in his picture of his first steelhead on the swing.  Great fish Aaron, good job! Aaron was fishing with fellow guide, good friend, and steelhead finder Ed McCoy.  Aaron is also sporting the Mangled Fly Hoodie, if you follow the blog you know this is one my personal favorite items for the fall, winter, and spring.  Best hood of any sweatshirt I have owned.   Thanks for sending in the pic Aaron, enjoy your steelhead season.


Doesn’t need to be 2 hands

While most the recent press on midwest swinging flies talks about using two hands, single hand rods or switch rods work just as well.  One of my personal favorites is the Scott L2H 1158/4. Pictured below is Ralph from MA enjoying MI steelhead and putting the Scott L2H to the test.


Biggest so far on the Swing (this year)

Nice part about battling the big boyz of the 2013 fall steelhead with the streamer rod, is that you can battling them with 12-15 pound test tippet.  Pictured below is Robert from OK with the largest steelhead landed so far with a streamer.  Great fish Robert. Would guess the fish to be 14-15 pounds.


Streamer fish that wouldn’t jump

The rain had finally stopped, I had the camera set up with the proper ISO, rapid fire was engaged, and my 70-200 with IS was ready.  But this steelhead just would not leave the comforts of the river.  As water temps have dropped into the 40’s now (48 yesterday).  My season of capturing the ultimate jump shot is shrinking.  Oh well.

On a positive note last weeks swing game was great.  This week I’m looking forward to the challenge of high water.  Yesterday with water levels going from 1700 to 2500 cfs we still found a handful of players.  Once water levels maintain for a few days and I dial in the color combo’s, I expect a good week on the streamer game again.

michigan steelhead

Steelhead Streamer Season

It has started as I mentioned before and they are liking the big uglies.


Egg Sucking Leech – Picture of the Day

With everything about perfect right now to swing flies.  Perfect river temperature, plenty of steelhead around, and the desire of anglers and guide.  The fly tying bench has been getting some serious use the past couple days.  Shot this photo with the use of a UV light to bright up the egg sucking head of this leech pattern.  More photo’s of patterns and successful steelhead trips coming soon.