Love how they Eat the Fly!

Is there a more aggressive fish than a pike?  I’m not sure, but this photo is why I named my website Mangled Fly.  I love it when a fish destroys a fly that took me 15 minutes to tie!  Ice out pike fishing is game on right now, if you want to try something different go hunt these toothy creators.  8″ Dalhberg Diver will never be the same!

Michigan Barracuda 

Spring Time Fishing, Trout, Pike, and Steelhead

Spring Time Brings so many different Fly-Fishing Opportunities!
Brad W. early season brown trout fishing

After spending the past 3 plus months under mounds of snow and inches of ice, spring time has officially started!  Now some of the hardest decisions await the fly-fishing angler.  What to fish for?  Spring time brings us many different opportunities and currently most are in full steam!

  • Early Season Brown Trout Fishing, after a long winter brown trout are looking to put on the feed bag.  Streamer fishing is the most talked about way, as the hunt for the big boyz with big streamers gets allot of the attention.  But dry fly fishing early black stones, hendricksons, and midges on the right day can be fun early season. Nymphing egg patterns or fry patterns can yield plenty of results as well, both on rivers with or without steelhead present.
  • Ice Out Pike, first I have to be honest with this one.  I do not have allot of experience hunting early season pike.  But I have found a little jewel and sharing the knowledge that I’m learning with my clients.  If you like these toothy creatures now is the time.  Smaller males are grouped up in packs awaiting the big girls.  I have spent very little time on the Big Manistee looking for these predators, but have been amazed how many I have found so far.  Will share this knowledge after the season, as fly patterns and technique are being formulated.
Jerome S. hunting the toothy creatures
  • Spring Steelhead, while steelhead have been here all fall and winter (and I personally think fish better than spring), the weather has finally broken, water tables rise, and fellow fisherman fill the river.  With all this certain areas are plugged with boats and shoreline anglers.  I have challenged myself to go away from the norm and take my skills else where.  With a mixture of float fishing and streamers, fresh run spring fish and drop backs will keep me plenty busy and way from congestion of spring traffic.  If you have not focused on drop back fish, your missing something special, they are just as aggressive as fall run fish and will crush the first meal they see.  If you have ever fished with me before, you know I love dumb fish.
Capt. Jon Ray with a nice big spring buck