Erik Rambo with Snap T Pictures

Thank you Erik Rambo from Snap T Pictures for taking the time and shooting a little short video of Ed McCoy and Russ Maddin in the dark.  This video will give you a small glimpse into what Ed and Russ both love, fishing after hours for the big boyz of the Manistee.  Nice job guys!

To watch this video in a larger format go to

Thank you again Erik Rambo!

Start of my favorite fall colors

As the predominate southern wind turns into the northern wind, this initial change brings with it the  smell of fall.  Driving down the twisting turns of Northern Michigan or floating down a narrow trout stream.  You will start to see the sugar maples are turning already to the bright hues of red, orange, and yellow.  Fall is on our doorstep and our native brook trout and brown trout are starting to change as well.  September is a wonderful time to take an adventure out on the water.  Only one way to truly enjoy all the colors of fall.  Get out and fish!

Loving the hopper this year

Need I say more?  Foam body, deer hair body, I don’t care what kind of body as long as it’s a hopper body.  Hoppers are working on all  Michigan trout streams this year and I’m loving it!