Sandy wind map

With everything going on with Sandy hitting the East Coast found a new site, that gives you a different look at the wind.  Check out the site –

Absolutely Crazy Footage

Shallow Water Southern Style

Have watched Shallow Water Expeditions video’s before and love the top water slow motion action that they get on film. Check out the latest video posted about a month ago.


Steelhead and the fly

Splish Splash Steelhead Taking a Bath – Pic of the Day

Fall Steelhead do some crazy and wild things, trying to capture these events on film are almost as hard as getting one to eat on a tight line.  Streamer season has started and let the games begin.

Cover Shot – A Tight Loop

Cover shot of the October 2012 online magazine – A Tight Loop, check it out here

Manistee River Sunrise – on the search for steel

Sunrise in the morning steelhead anglers take warning.  I love the fall colors and this morning they were on full display.

Moldy Chum DVD review

One of the biggest fly fishing blogs, Moldy Chum,  posts a review of Big Appetite Smallmouth bass DVD.  Click here to read the review.

To purchase a copy of the DVD check out Mangled Fly’s online shop.

Smallmouth DVD Review

Another link to a positive review of the Big Appetite Smallmouth DVD.  Check out the link at the heartlandoutdoors

After 2 years of work putting together this DVD, nice to see others are finding joy in smallmouth bass as much as I do.  If your new to this site you can find more information about the DVD at our products page.