2013 Fall Steelhead season is under way!

David S. pictured below with a great example of what my life will be obsessed with over the next 5 months.  Fall fish look in great shape so far, they are big and they are mean.  Can’t wait to stretch out some line and get the two-hander firing once again.

David is also wearing the Mangled Fly Hoodie, great way to keep warm on those cold morning starts.  One of the best Hoodies I have found, and personally I wear a hoodie almost everyday on the river.

True Mangled Fly

The death of a fly at the hands of a fish, is the inspiration that started the name Mangled Fly Media.The sad part of this story is this fly was never the same.  After Mr. Esox got ahold of it and turned it into true Mangled Fly.  It did not swim right ever again.  We had to put to rest this buck tail, rabbit strip, rubber leg, flashabou creation.  Will always have found memories of the fish we shared.

So close I can taste it.

If you follow the blog and or if you know me personally you know fall is one of my favorite times.  Being busy chasing the muskie has caused a little bit of jealousy on my part of my fellow guides finding some of the early steelhead back home on the Manistee.  But I will be back home shortly chasing the fish that I love.  At this time I have a cancellation on Oct 8th if anybody is interested.  Contact me via email or text my cell.

New Steelhead Sticker

While the sea-run steelhead of the West Coast get a lot of attention, we think our Great Lakes steelhead are special, too. This is our take on the Midwest’s unique “Low Sodium” version of these epic migratory beasts. The 6” oval sticker is perfect to show the Great Lakes steelhead scene some love on your truck, boat, cooler – or just about anywhere else you can think of.

Link to Steelhead Sticker

steelhead sticker

2013 week 1 Muskie Adventure

Well not really a week but 12 days of Muskie 2013 just came to an end, still have 3 more days planned and can’t wait to get back.  Wanted to throw up a quick pic, and give a couple highlights to the first part of the adventure.

    • First trip was 2 days with two new muskie anglers and we popped the muskie cherry on day one.  With each angler landing muskie, as I reported in a previous post we found the first tiger muskie on that trip.
    • First muskie on topwater was accomplished going into the next week.  Have this also on video and will be editing this with Erik Rambo.  Muskie video highlights from a couple days filming above and below the surface will be coming shortly.  Look for more on that soon.
    • Had a chance to guide two women for the first time for Muskie, with a bunch of rain falling the day before river came up and seemed like most fish changed there feeding lines, but we did land a Muskie that day along with a half dozen pike.  Ann M. picture to the (lower right) with her first ever Muskie on a fly.


  • Jay Hickey (below) first time Muskie angler with his first and also my biggest fish of the trip, was an end to the first part.  Great fish Jay!

New Mangled Fly Media Sticker

Just added a new product to our shop area, the Mangled Fly Media Sticker.  This sticker is about 6 ” and is oval in shape.  With the Mangled Fly Media logo, get yours today.  Feel free to email me if you don’t want to put this on your PayPal account.   Free shipping will be shipping via USPS First Class Mail.  Happy to announce this new sticker.  Thanks for all the requests.

Mangled Fly Media Sticker Page

mangled fly media sticker

First Tiger Muskie

Guided Chuck Hawkins to his first Tiger Muskie.  For those that don't know a Tiger Muksie is a hybrid between a Muskie and a Northern Pike.

Had a chance to guide Chuck Hawkins for a couple days, and we scored the first ever Tiger Muskie for both Chuck and myself.  For those that do not know I found this definition online at Wikipedia

The tiger muskie is the result of the true muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) and the northern pike (Esox lucius) interbreeding. The tiger muskie has some of the characteristics of both of these fish. The pattern of the tiger muskie is varying amounts of color with vertical dark stripes on a light background. The pattern on a tiger muskie very rarely is the same as a northern pike. The body is deeper than the body of either parent fish, but that is common in hybrid fish. The caudal fins are more rounded than the tails of true muskies. The tiger muskie has ten to sixteen pores on the lower part of its jaw.

Fly in the picture is one of my favorite sunny day streamer patterns for predator fish such as muskie, pike and now tiger muskie.  Fly is tied by Eli from Great Lakes Fly.  Called the Bingo.  If your a predator chaser you should get some, they work best for me personally when the sun is shining.  Here is a link to Eli’s site and other patterns.

Irons in the Fire

scott muskie rod

Working on a new clip for the Scott Rod Muskie Stick, Erik Rambo captured some very cool imagery here is a cropped out  pic (below) to keep you guessing but again with about 4 projects going on at once, some good stuff is almost on the way.  Another teaser but had to share, continue to check back as the next few weeks.  I would say 2-3 would should be able to release some new footage, and if you like the predator stuff this video will be to your liking.

muskie on a fly


Flymen Fish Masks

Experimenting and liking what the vise is turning out.  But the tail of the tape is on the river.  How will it swim, how are the materials acting?  But so far so good, the new Fish Mask from the Flymen Fishing Co. are pretty cool.  Check them out here.  A great product that really finishes off a fly well.  Again the water test will determine how it effects swim action.  I look forward to the testing.

More to come of this type of pattern (feel like I’ve been saying this allot lately), but seriously more to come soon.  Hoping video and still pics of this pattern in action.  Tying up more muskie patterns for the annual adventures.  Love the chase of this predator before the chrome.

Working with new materials from Flymen Fishing Co.  The fish mask - http://flymenfishingcompany.org/products/fish-skull-products/fish-skull-fish-mask/