Air Time, Mr. Smallmouth – Picture of the Day

Mr. Smallmouth getting a little air time.  Trying to continue to work on my skills of timing, smallmouth are much easier than steelhead.


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  1. David Krzeminski
    David Krzeminski says:

    Love it. We don’t need to know they are easier than steelhead, just a beautiful shot. I imagine more opportunities with smallmouth than steelhead to capture the jumping.

  2. Jon Ray
    Jon Ray says:

    David, I think they are easier to photograph because simply they jump closer to the boat. And yes I can hook more on a per day bases. So giving me a chance to understand ISO and F stop with daylight and fast action. What I need to get that one shot! When it comes time for that steelhead shot I really want. Thanks for checking the blog.

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