Digital Camo Hat

Digital Camo Hat helping find 20″ trout

So those that fish with me know that I have a few superstition’s.  1 – NO BANANA’S 2- No white lighters .  Bring either of these items in the boat and you will get some sort of negative reaction.  #grumpyguide.

Also my wife has been known to laugh at me, as I tend to wear certain clothing items when I’m guiding and not others. Based on past success when wearing these certain clothing items.  With that I have lucky hats that I will continue to wear when fishing is good.  And No Way do we wash these hats, can’t clean out the good luck!  No matter how bad they start to stink! With that, one thing I’ve noticed this year, is that clients wearing the Digital Camo Cap in my boat this month have scored some nice trout.

So can it be true that the Digital Camo Cap can help you score a trout over 20″?  Proof might be in the pudding.  I know if I didn’t have one yet, I would get one before they are gone.Digital Camo Hat

Digital Camo Hat Digital Camo Hat

muskie tee shirt

Muskie Tee Shirt just added

A limited run of Mangled Fly Muskie wear.  Check out the latest Tee Shirt.  3 new color combinations. More images are coming soon, if you have any questions feel free to contact me direct via the contact page.



Muskie T-shirt

New Mangled Fly Muskie T-shirt Coming Soon

Muskie T-shirt

New Mangled Fly Muskie T-shirt is Coming soon, check out the Shop page soon as we are working on a New Muskie Tee Shirt.  Shirt will be available in Grey with the Black Muskie Logo, and a Black T-shirt with a Mangled Fly Green.  New Muskie T-shirt coming soon!

muskie-t-shirt-3 muskie t-shirt


Old School back in Stock

One of the Old Mangled Fly Hats is back in stock, check it out along with some of our new Hats and Beanies great gifts for the holidays.

mangled fly cap

Mangled fly caps

New Mangled Fly Hats in Stock

October Bonefish – Pic of the Day

Tidal has limited sizes left but is on sale now, get them while they last.  New release of Mangled Fly Hats coming soon.

Mangled Fly Hoodie – On Sale


Mangled Fly Original Hoodie on SALE.  Get one while supplies last.  Has been a staple of the fall / winter wardrobe for the past few years.  Have a couple Large and Mediums still in stock.

Sun Shirt in WY


Dan Challa sent in this great pic of himself sporting the Mangled Fly Performance Shirt and a beautiful cutthroat from his recent trip to WY.  Thanks for sharing Dan looks like a great trip.



Mangled Fly from Alaska

Kean Oh sent in this image of his mangled fly Pollywog from his Alaska trip.  With the Hex Camo Hoodie in the background.  Thanks for sharing the image Kean.

On a side note, should have the shopping cart back up to date in the next few weeks.  Will have NEW HeX Camo Hoodies in stock again.  Thank you for your patience.