Salmon and Mangled Fly Hoodie

Capt. Lance Keane sent us this picture from yesterday (9/3), with a chrome King and his Mangled Fly Hoodie.  With September rolling in and the north winds starting to blow, Kings and Hoodies are on the agenda.  Still have plenty of Hoodies in stock, order yours today for your fall adventure.

Lance Keene

Pic of the Day – Day off

Ed McCoy just sent me this picture of himself on River X on a well deserved day off.  Ed is sporting the Mangled Fly Media Hoodie, as summer turns into fall this hoodie is one of best I’ve ever worn.  Made my Champion.  It will keep you warm, and the hood fits just right on those really cool nights or mornings. Thanks for sharing the pic Ed, enjoy your time and tear up them bass.

Mangled Fly Sweatshirt

Mangled Fly T-shirt spotted in Chile

Mangled Fly T-shirt spotted in Chile with Kean.  Also Kean with a very impressive brown trout!  Thanks Kean and love the story about the brown trout!  Thanks for sharing.

mangled fly t-shirt

Mangled Fly T-shirt spotted in Argentina

Ed McCoy sent Mangled Fly Media it’s first international appearance.  Ed sporting the Mangled Fly Brown Trout t-shirt , on his trip to Argentina.  We are working on the shopping cart but do have a new color for the Mangled Fly T-shirt in white.  This is a limited time opportunity if you want one before they are gone let me know, feel free to shoot me an email –  .  Hope to have new shopping cart and updated T-shirt colors available online soon.  Thanks for the pic Ed!

New Order of MFM Sweatshirts on the way

One of my favorite pieces of clothing in the fall and winter is a hoodie sweatshirt.  Having not being blessed with a full head of hair, keeping my head and neck warm in the fall is a must.  After trying so many different companies sweatshirts, (personal R&D) this hoodie was the best I found.  Have a new order of MFM sweatshirts on the way, so if you want one for fall just let me know or order online here

With yesterday’s rain and tomorrow nights low of 44 I can taste fall is on the way.  Been casting at Salmon, Coho, and even a couple steelhead the past couple days.  With 70 degree water temps they are not very aggressive towards the fly.  But life is about to change, I can feel it.