Bob Summers – Third Year Flyfisher new trailer

“Summers” trailer…. from RT on Vimeo.

This is the trailer for “Summers” a piece about Michigan bamboo rod maker Bob Summers. The piece touches a little on Bob’s history as a rod builder but also explores Bob’s relationship with George Griffith (founder of TU) who were fishing buddies for 25+ years in and around the AuSable river in NE Michigan.

This piece, along with the full version of The Brothers Brown, will be a special feature on the soon to be released DVD…THE RIVER.

Midge’s and Nymphs from MT

As temps once again here in MI are near record lows today for this time of year, this little brown trout clip warms the heart as truly we should only be weeks away from going trout fishing once again.

Mi Brown Trout season is almost here, until then watch this!

The video is 16 min long, but the Mr. Brown trout they catch at the 15min mark is worth the wait. Trout season is getting so close here in Michigan, hardest part is going to be getting creative around the boat launches with all our snow pack.  Until then a little Oregon trout fishing video.

Patagonia Fly Fishing Blog posts Midnight Creeper

midnight creeper videoPatagonia’s Fly Fishing Blog has recognized our work and posted the latest trailer , the Midnight Creepr Tailer is getting some very nice positive feedback.  We keep working hard in the editing room, on the full length version.  Thanks for all the thumbs up and shares.

New Triple Coating

New series of fly lines has just come out from SA, have not personally played with one yet, as the first set of lines are trout and saltwater.  But looking forward in the coming months to play with the trout line, as the Sharkwave Ultimate Trout Stealth will be a first choice.  Also looking forward to the Sharkwave GPX taper for bigger Stoneflies and Hex bugs.  Have been waiting for a steelhead taper with this triple coating for over a year, once I heard SA was playing with this.  Have not heard but really hope the Integrated Skagit tapers are coming out soon. Check out this website for additional information and if your headed south this winter (Saltwater or South American Trout fishing) pick up one of these new lines you will not be disappointed.  Also check back and hope to have a product review coming soon as well.

scientific anglers sharkwave

Anglers of the AuSable

For more information go to , but spread the word the AuSable needs our help.

Anglers of the AuSable from RT on Vimeo.

Let the DNR know how you feel, please say NO!

The DNR is proposing to lease mineral rights, including surface rights along the AuSable River. Please read the information below and send a letter to the DNR expressing your concerns. This needs to be stopped!

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 6.57.08 AM

Here is a link to the actual letter from Michigan TU

Picture of the Day – Fall Brown Trout

Kean O. with a great October brown trout from the Upper Manistee.

Kean O. with a great fall brown trout in epic colors.  Great day on the river yesterday, seeing the old trout water one more time before old man winter locks her in.  Streamer fishing was pretty consistent, while not too many would actually put the streamer in there mouth, plenty came out and played with it.  Great job Kean getting the couple when you had the chance.