Mi Brown Trout season is almost here, until then watch this!

The video is 16 min long, but the Mr. Brown trout they catch at the 15min mark is worth the wait. Trout season is getting so close here in Michigan, hardest part is going to be getting creative around the boat launches with all our snow pack.  Until then a little Oregon trout fishing video.

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  1. David Krzeminski
    David Krzeminski says:

    Hi Jon,

    Cool video. I am certainly not saying they are doing anything wrong, I mean, look at the fish they are landing; Holy Cow! However, I have to comment…

    I can’t help but notice how far they are casting and I wonder where on their retrieve are the fish actually striking. From the looks of one of the takes, I think the fish took maybe 10 feet from where he was standing. I say this for two reasons: 1. I cannot cast that far. 2. I remember you saying too many clients early on in your boat cast out too far and you believe this is not necessary.

    I don’t know; maybe Oregon trout are different than Michigan trout. That last trout looks salmon size at first sight. Crazy!

    Looking forward to your mousing video…


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